Leaked Rockstar Employee CV Says GTA V Drops In October

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Posted on April 8, 2012, Ross Lincoln Leaked Rockstar Employee CV Says GTA V Drops In October

Since the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto last November, the only thing that has been the subject of more speculation than the actual plot is the release date. Experts insisted it would come before E3 2012, and fans thought Rockstar snuck in an easter egg implying a May, 2012 release date. Some analysts even said it would be the biggest game of 2012 (duh!), only to be contradicted by others who said nope, it’s definitely not coming until 2013. Guess what everybody: They’re all wrong, maybe. Commence lots of speculation from everyone!

Joystiq is reporting that a leaked Rockstar employee CV confirms that GTA V is coming out this October, just in time to smash attack Assassin’s Creed 3 and BioShock Infinite. That comes courtesy of Rockstar North employee Alex O’Dwyer, who’s CV shows a slew of releases in the past, and firmly places GTA V at the beginning of the 2012 holiday season. Which makes sense. GTA San Andreas was released in October, 2004 and despite having some strong competition completely dominated its retail cycle.

Alas, the image of O’Dwyer’s CV was removed, but here’s a look at what was captured before that happened:

Rockstar has yet to deny this, and we’ll definitely be paying close attention to what they actually end up saying.

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