Leaker claims Fortnite mod support is coming soon

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Fortnite could be getting mod support in the near future, according to prominent Fortnite leaker "Lucas7yoshi" - who claims he is "100% confident" that Epic Games will be adding the feature in the near future.

Lucas7yoshi is a prominent data miner and leaker within the Fortnite community, so while we always suggest taking such things with a pinch of salt, does lend some credence to the claims. What isn't clear is just what format this 'mod support' will take, and just how moddable the game will be.

He claims that there are "some files lingering around" the game install at the moment that suggests the feature is being tested, with a file called "GameCustomInstalledBundles" holding test "posters" for the battle royale. 

It would be both surprising yet almost expected to see Fortnite gain mod support. Epic Games have often championed mods and user-generated content in the past - although given the game has a heavy reliance on it's marketplace to generate revenue, how these will interact will be interesting.


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