Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver now on GOG

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

Did you wake up this morning and think, “I really need to feel like a vampire without a proper mouth today,” only to be disappointed by reality yet again? It happens to us all, but at least Good Old Games brings us one step closer to the dream. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is now up for sale, bringing the vengeful classic to PC gamers once again. Nice!

The second Legacy of Kain game, Soul Reaver is effectively its own title, telling the twisted tale of betrayed vampire-turned-antihero Raziel. Former protagonist Kain is the villain this time around, as his former lieutenant seeks to avenge his mutilation and murder. Also, you can put baddies on spikes, which is the thing that really matters.

One of the most iconic games of yesteryear, Soul Reaver is now available for a pleasant $5.99. Most action fans will tell you to get it, so you might want to … y’know … get it.

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