Legend of Grimrock sells 17,000 copies through GOG

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

Beautiful indie dungeon-crawler Legend of Grimrock has shifted 17,000 copies through GOG.com, as the online retailer rebrands itself to sell more modern titles alongside classic PC releases. Developer Human Head is sure to be pleased, and has every right to be — those 17,000 copies are on top of whatever it sold through Steam and directly from its own site.

“This nice sales performance is showing — in our humble opinion — that GOG can be a valuable partner for any developer,” said GOG managing director Guillaume Rambourg. “And that’s nowhere near all. We have many more great indie titles up our sleeves for the coming months.”

I am pleased for both GOG and Legend of Grimrock. On the GOG side, we have a DRM-free company that resurrects old classics at reasonable prices and seems to do its best to look after consumers. On the Grimrock side, we have a single-player, old school game, one that is doing very well in spite of an industry that tells us that only multiplayer-focused first-person shooters can succeed nowadays. It’s great news all round, and yet more lights of hope in this dark abyss we call the game industry. Nicely done.

[Via Forbes]

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