Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Bricks

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Posted on May 13, 2011, GameFront Staff Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks are the Rolls Royce of Lego game collectibles, and getting all of them means that you’ve really achieved mastery over the game. Some will be easier to attain than others, but the entire process is more straightforward if you consult this guide. You should also check out our full walkthrough for the game if you need more help.

Story Bricks – You get a Gold Brick for each story mission, for a total of 20.

True Pirate Bricks – Only sea-dogs who have been well bled before the mast will be able to finish a level while fulfilling its True Pirate stud requirement. For each level completed in this manner, you get a Gold Brick, for a total of 20.

Ships in a Bottle Bricks – Each level has 10 collectible Ships in a Bottle scattered through it. Find them all, and you get a Gold Brick. 200 Ships total, 20 Gold Bricks.

Compass Item Bricks – By using Jack’s Sparrow’s mystical compass, you can find special items, eight per level. There are 160 Compass items, and 20 Gold Bricks reward for finding each set of eight.

All Ships Bricks – Once you have found all the ships in the bottle in each of the five sections of the game, you get an extra brick — 40 Ships per section, five Bricks in total.

The Ride Brick – If you have accumulated all 84 other Bricks, you can go to the area in front of the tavern, where the cannons are. There, you can spend all 84 Bricks to build a golden mast. Having done so, climb the back stairs and enter a back passageway that was previously blocked by a golden gate. A reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland that inspired the movies in the first place, it will entail fighting against adversaries from the film and their crews: first two Black Pearl crewmen and Barbarossa. Then two from the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones. Then, finally, two from the Queen Anne’s Revenge and Blackbeard.

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