Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 7 months ago

On Stranger Tides on May 20th, 2011. Gamers will get to begin their high-seas adventure a little early, with the release of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Tying up the stories of all four films in a neat package, the game will act as a letter of marque for all prospective privateers, running them through all sorts of pirate-y gameplay guantlets.

To ensure players don’t end up in Davy Jones’ Locker, we’re this detailed text and video walkthrough. Check back on release day for the first updates. In the meantime, you can check out our Demo Walkthrough. Your other ports of call should include lists of achievements, trophies, and our cheats page, which is a treasure trove of useful information about the game.

Table of Contents

  • The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Dead Man’s Chest
  • At World’s End
  • On Stranger Tides
  • The Curse of the Black Pearl

    Port Royal

    1. As the game starts, you’ll be put in the Lego shoes of minifigure Will Turner. Switch to Mr. Brown, your friend with the hammer. Fix the big broken wheel near the glowing pieces.
    2. Using Mr. Brown’s hammer, breat the glowing red hot blocks into a working machine. Now that the pulley is working, turn the wheel to pull the big gear into position.
    3. Grab a carrot and feed it to the donkey to get her moving. Jump on the donkey’s back, and pull the orange brick back.
    4. Good ol’ Jack Sparrow shows himself. Attack him several times in a row to hit him, and he’ll retreat into the rafters. He’ll throw bricks at you, so look out! Use the hopping bricks to build a surface on the wall. Climb it, jumping to a green rail, and jump off onto some wooden boards.
    5. Now you can jump down and fight Jack. Swordfight him, chasing him onto the rails as he runs around the workship rafters.
    6. After the cutscene, your next goal is breaking Jack Sparrow out of prison. Run right until some of the skeletons shake off a bone. Snatch the bone and give it to the dog. Dogs love bones, so now he’ll follow you.
    7. Take the dog left and use the doggy door. Push the table off the ledge, where Will Turner can pick it up and place it on the green pegs out front of Jack Sparrow’s cell. Jump on the table and Jack Sparrow will be free.
    8. Switch to the dog using the character wheel. Run back to the same cell you took the bone from and dig up a crank wheel. Grab it with Will Turner, and place the crank into the device to the left of the door.
    9. With Will Turner and Jack Sparrow around, you can turn both cranks at once. Run through the open door to get outside.
    10. In the courtyard, jump onto the barrel and roll it over into the device marked on your screen with a point. When the barrel is loaded into the roller, keep moving until the beams barring the doors open.
    11. When the doors open, soldiers will rush in and attack. Fight your way out onto the beach.
    12. On the beach, you’ll see a weird marker. This is your chance to use Jack Sparrow’s compass. The magic compass shows you the way to an important Lego block. Select the gold-outlined Lego and follow the mark. Once X marks the spot, dig.
    13. Digging will reveal a pile of blocks. Switch to the dog to finish digging out the blocks. Once they’re out and hopping, use them to build a plank across the broken walkway.
    14. Jump onto a barrel laying around the beach and roll it up the steps and over the plank. Plenty of soldiers will try to stop you using muskets, so just roll through them and stick the barrel into the roller device. Keep moving on the barrel until the doors open.
    15. Follow the lego blocks back onto a beach separated by the dock. Climb into one of the barrels to pull it over your minifigure’s head. Now you can walk underwayer, follow the string of Lego pieces into a cage. Step onto the button to rise up onto the dock.
    16. Run down the ramp to grab a crank, fighting the soldiers as they attack. Return to the device up the ramp and use the crank, raising some platforms. Jump onto them and climb the rope hanging above.
    17. Jump off the rope onto the platform, and use the device marked with a crosswords icon. Only characters with swords can use these switches. Jump onto the grappling rope and slide to the boat below.
    18. When you’re on the boat, use the wheel to take her to sea.
    19. Achievement Unlocked: Welcome to the Caribbean! – Complete Port Royal.
  • Tortuga

    1. Run into town and take a torch off the gate. You can use cannons with a torch, so use it and fire a cannonball at the gate in your way.
    2. In the town square, you’ll see a few loose Lego wheels. Pick them up and attach them to the horse-drawn carriage missing two wheels. But the horse still won’t move! Grab a green apple laying near the well and feed the horse.
    3. Jump onto the horse and run it forward until the carriage is torn into blocks. The passageway is now clear, so get through.
    4. Inside the pigsty, destroy the box and construct the pieces to drop the pigs some food. There’s a crank mixed in with the food, so grab it and use the device to your right. Using the device will raise the water bowl into position.
    5. To get up to the water bowl, jump up and grab the bottom step of a raised ladder. It’ll drop, allowing you and your Lego friends to climb up. Pick up the water bowl and move it onto the green brick under the water spout. Use the sword switch to fill the bow with water.
    6. With a full water bottle, pick it up and set it back down on the right green brick. With that, you’ll wake up Mr. Gibbs. Your newest crewmate has a hammer, so use it on the glowing breaks closing off the gate out.
    7. Returning to the town square, use Mr. Gibbs’ hammer to beat the glowing bricks into shape. The furnace door will open, providing your little pirates with a torch.
    8. Take the torch to the barrel of TNT and light it up. After the explosion, build the pieces to get inside the spooky cave underneath.
    9. Run to the end of the cave where you’ll find another sleeping crewmate. Use Jack Sparrow’s compass on the marker at the crewmate’s feet and follow the steps. Sadly, none of your guys have shovels to dig for treasure.
    10. Take a shovel along the left wall of the cave and dig. Inside the treasure chest is a handheld cannon! Grab it and smash the boxes in the left corner to wake up Marty. Give Marty his cannon and he’ll join your team.
    11. Switch to Marty and crawl through the short door. Inside, shoot the silver Lego pieces with your big gun to smash it. Crawl back through the short door to face some bad pirates. Shoot the big silver blocks and climb the ladder up into the taven.
    12. Use Mr. Gibbs’ hammer to fix the pulley against the left wall. That will raise the one low chandelier. Run to the right side of the room and hang off the lowest chandelier. Jump to the second and third chandelier, and run into the hotel room.
    13. Inside is another shipmate, but she won’t join until you give her a big diamond. Destroy the dresser just off to the side of the entrance door to find the diamond.
    14. Bad guys will jump through the windows and throw bombs, too. Switch to Anamaria, use her double jump to reach high bars. Double jump off the flower symbols to close both windows. Another pirate will bust through the door, leave through there.
    15. Outside, look left and jump onto the green swing bar. Jump from bar to bar until you land on the raised patio. Continue down the patio and push a large brown device off. Jump down, and pick up the crank device, setting it down on the green block closeby.
    16. The device is a music box. The music attracts some dancing pirates to leave their house. Get inside to find your last crewmate. He wants his bird back, so help him out. Push the brown box left using the lane of bricks, and jump to the second floor with Anamaria.
    17. On the second floor, cut down the pirate distracting the bird. Your feathered friend flies across the room to bother someone else. Use the plank to reach the other side of the second floor. Defeat both pirates on that side, and the bird will land on a chandelier behind the plank.
    18. Jump onto the chandelier while balanced on the plank to knock it down. With nowhere left to go, the bird will stay on Cotton’s shoulder. Now you’ve got the whole crew together!
    19. With everyone here, run down to your ship and jump on to complete the level.
  • The Black Pearl Attacks

    1. First of all, take a torch attached to your mass and use the right cannon. To free Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ll need to destroy all of the caged windows on the Black Pearl. Destroy one caged window with this cannon and get off.
    2. Switch to Mr. Gibbs and fix the left cannon. Grab a torch, and destroy the second barred window of the Black Pearl. Once two windows are destroyed, the doors to the hold will open, so jump on down.
    3. Just to your right is another cannon and torch. Take the torch and use the cannon to destroy another window.
    4. Continue right down the hold to find another working cannon. Light it and destroy a fourth window. Now you’ll have to figure out how to activate the next cannon. Near the center of the hold is a cannon, but the opening is blocked.
    5. Near the foreground, climb the blocks hanging off the ceiling until a load of blocks drops down. Take the crank among the junk and attach it to the device marked by a pointer. Turn the crank to unblock a cannon. Light it and fire to destroy the fifth window.
    6. After that, the cannon will explode. Pick up the cannon barrel and set it down on the hanging green brick. You won’t be able to raise the cannon up yet.
    7. Destroy the boxes on the left side to free some buildable bricks. Put them together and drop them off onto the green bricks. Construct the pieces to build a lane for the push block.
    8. To the right of the hold, climb the blocks along the wall and ceiling to drop more buildable blocks. Construct them and drop them off onto the other green brick. Construct the pieces into a lane.
    9. With both lanes complete and the cannon in place, push the blocks connected with chains until they’re locked into position. A ladder will drop down back to the ship’s deck, so get climbing.
    10. On the deck, grab the cannon and set it into position for firing. If you can pick up a block, you can always set it down on a green brick surface. Fire the cannon and destroy the last window.
    11. After the cutscene, you’ll have Jack Sparrow back. To the left of the hold, you’ll find a pushable block and an unfinished lane. Destroy the box just behind the lane to find the right pieces for constructing. Push the block down where it’ll break.
    12. Follow the destroyed block down and construct it, but don’t push it yet. Instead, jump into a barrel and fall into the flooded hold below. Step onto the switch to open a gate, then step on a second switch to activate the mechanism at the end of the push lane.
    13. Swim out of the water, now you can push the block and lock it into place. That will open the second locked gate in the flooded hold. Swim down and through the lowered gate towards the gold piece.
    14. Back on your sinking ship, jump onto the fallen mast to get onto the Black Pearl. Run left and attack the monkey with your cursed gold. It’ll jump to the crow’s nest. Use your sword on the sword marker to chase the monkey up to the crow’s nest.
    15. On the crow’s nest, attack the monkey twice and jump onto the hanging chain. That will drop a big box, and you with it. Fight off the enemies swarming around, and pick up the big Lego box and place it on one of the green surfaces.
    16. Switch to Mr. Gibbs and hammer the red hot bricks. In the right corner, jump onto the barrel and roll it into the roller device. Bring up the lifeboat and take the box off, dropping it onto the green surface. Build all the hopping bricks.
    17. Push the green side of the crank until a platform drops down. Switch to Anamaria and jump to the high platform. Climb the poles and attack the the monkey on the second crow’s nest. It’ll jump down, so follow it and attack one more time to win.
  • Smuggler’s Den

    1. To start off, use Jack Sparrow’s compass on the marker, and follow the steps to the red X. Doing so will reveal a spooky skull, but you’ll need a shovel to dig this thing up. Circle around the beach left to find a monkey carrying a shovel.
    2. Chase the monkey up the tree and he’ll jump back down to the beach. He won’t run anymore, but he will want a juicy banana. Lucky for you, there are bananas hanging from a tree just right of the monkey. Give the tree a good smack, take a banana that falls, and give it to the fussy monkey.
    3. Now use the shovel to dig up the skull – revealing that the skull is a cellar door. Smack the lock of the door to get inside the titular Smuggler’s Den.
    4. In the dank den, start by jumping onto the dimly lit barrel and rolling it into the roller mechanism. Run on the barrel to raise one third of a rope bridge. To raise the second third, move to the rope bridge and hang from both ropes.
    5. Running across the bridge, you’ll see one gap still remains. Use Elizabeth Swann to jump onto a pole and swing to another pole to make the jump.
    6. There a crank mechanism missing a crank. Open all three treasure chests eerily watched over by skeletons until you find the crank. Attach your newfound wheel to the mechanism and start turning to allow Jack Sparrow to rejoin you.
    7. With Jack Sparrow on your team, switch to him and use the sword switch. A ladder will lower, but you’ll need Elizabeth Swann to pull it down.
    8. Achievement Unlocked: The Green Flash – Watch a sunsent.
    9. Back on the island, use the studs as a guide to a spyglass. Use it!
    10. Achievement Unlocked: A weather eye on the horizon – Use a spyglass.
    11. Looking out on a ship, search for a man in blue uniform passing around. The spyglass will gently zoom in once you find him. Follow the man in blue, Norrington, until you complete the challenge. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.
    12. After the cutscene, the light of the spyglass has created kind of a laser that flows back into the den. Jump back underground to check it out.
    13. Underground, the laser will hit a pile of explosives. Build the hopping blocks to create a mirror, shooting the laser deeper into the cave and knocking down a couple of platforms.
    14. From the bridge, jump to the lower platform, or the left platform. Turn the wheel until the laser is reflected diagonally up and right. Now, jump to the right, or upper platform and turn the wheel until the mirror reflects the laser horizontally left.
    15. The reflected laser sets off another pile of explosives. Build the hopping blocks into a push-switch. Push the green side until the mirror reflects the laser to the left and into the background – hitting the explosives attached to the cave wall.
    16. Build the hopping brinks into a plank and continue left into the den. Over the plank you’ll find a bundle of bricks. Bring it back down to the elevator holding a load of junk. Attach the bundle to the green brick to raise the elevator and find another gold mirror.
    17. Take the mirror and attach it to a green block left of the original entrance into the den. It’s nearby a few steps, the pointer will show you where.
    18. With the mirror in-place, return to the turnstyle and push on the blue side just enough to bounce the laser off of your newly placed mirror. With the laser shooting out onto the surface, run up the stairs to follow it.
    19. On the island, the elevator will drop the bundle. Pick up the bundle near the laser’s termination point; or where it’s burning those wooden Lego bricks. Place the bundle on one of the green brick surfaces. Run over to the other bundle that fell out of the elevator and bring it back to one of the three green surfaces.
    20. Achievement Unlocked: Here there by monsters; Get eaten by a creature in deadly water. This one is easy, just swim out into the ocean for a nasty (Shark-related) surprise.
    21. The third bundle is tricky. Use the planks to walk onto the shipwreck, and jump across. You’ll find lots of debris and flotsam on the beach, so get destroying and building until you’ve constructed a catapult. Once the catapult is completed, the door of the den will break into constructable Lego bricks.
    22. Construct the Lego bricks into another bundle and attack the bundle to the catapult. With the catapult set, turn the golden wheel to get the bundle off the second island and onto the firth. Jump back over to the bonfire and set down the last bundle, constructing it once it breaks into bricks.
    23. With the bonfire complete, you’ll be rescued by Norrington and taken to the final level of The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  • Isla De Muerte

    1. Ahead you’ll find a sword switch and a lamp. Jack Sparrow will have to use the switch and stay put. Switch to Elizabeth Swann, take the lamp, and run across the raised plank to cross the water.
    2. Follow the ledge left and over a bridge. At the end you’ll find a crank. Backtrack to the cave ledge you just jumped from and insert the crank into the mechanism. Give it a turn to move the bridge to Jack’s side.
    3. Switch to Jack and cross the bridge, interacting where the compass icon is located on the floor. With Jack Sparrow catapulted deeper into the cave, you’ll have to switch back to Elizabeth Swann to join him.
    4. Hop down and left to find a flower symbol. Double jump to hang from the poles and use them to swing to Jack. With both Elizabeth and Jack on the rocky landing, jump up and pull on the two hanging ropes simultaneously.
    5. Your path deeper into the cave is now open. Jump into the patch of moonlight and fight the c ursed crew. Stay in the moonlight, they can only be defeated in the moonlight! Switch to Jack Sparrow and fight off the skeletal crew, defeating all of them.
    6. Once the bad guys are broken, use the hopping bones to construct a wheel. Turn the wheel to raise a bridge. Run across it and take the torch hanging on the wall. Switch to Elizabeth Swann and have her turn the wheel again, raising the second bridge.
    7. Run over the second bridge, taking the torch with you, and use the cannon. Fire cannonballs at all three boney Xs to break down the cave wall.
    8. Run over to the compass symbol on the ground and use Jack Sparrow’s comprass, selecting the treasure marked by a golden circle. Follow the Lego footprints and use a nearby shovel to dig up the hopping blocks. Construct the blocks into a crank mechanism, then pick up the mechanism assembly and attach it to a green brick surface just to your left.
    9. Break open the treasure chests near the mechanisms and attach the golden mirrors you find to the two turnstyles. Push the first turnstyle until the laser is redirected to the second turnstyle’s mirror. Now you just have to push the second turnstyle until the laser hits the golden skull built into the cave rock.
    10. The strange door twists open, so run through to find Barbossa and his treacherous crew.
    11. Time to fight Barbossa, skeleton-to-skeleton. Unlike the rest of his crew, Barbossa is only vulnerable when he’s outside of the moonlight. Hit Barbossa as he runs between moonlight and he’ll retreat, calling in his crew to attack.
    12. When the cursed pirates attack, run back under the moonlight. Defeat the skeleton crew when they’re vulnerable under the moon beams. Once they’re all destroyed, use the bones to create a barrel and roll it into the roller mechanism.
    13. Turn the barrel until the cave shakes. Barbossa will jump down and run under the moonlight again. Fight him until he’s out of the light and hit him to make him retreat again.
    14. After Barbossa retreats, he’ll send his cursed crew after you again. Run under the moonlight and destroy the pirates there. Use their bones to build a climbable surface on the back wall, and climb up.
    15. At the top of the climbing wall, climb off the ceiling until you’re under a skull mechanism. Drop down and push in each block until the left and right eyes light up. Push them one at a time to light up both eyes and force Barbossa back down.
    16. Barbossa will hide under another moonlight, this time on the right side of the cave. Run over there and swordfight him out of the light until you knock off another one of his hearts. He’ll retreat yet again, sending his cursed pirates to fight you.
    17. Fight the pirates under the moonlight and use their bones as building material. Once all the bones are built, a target will be revealed on the right cave wall. Switch to Will Turner and throw an axe at the target.
    18. The gears will begin to turn, raising and lowering a chunk of rock like an elevator. Ride it and jump up to the high ledge. Run along the ledge until you find another glowing skull mechanism. Push both blocks into the skull to light up the eyes and cause the cavern to rumble.
    19. Now Barbossa isn’t safe on his ledge. Use the raised planks to reach his hiding spot. Fight him out of the moonlight until all three of his hearts are gone.
    20. After the cutscene, run to escape the collapsing cave! Chase Barbossa and his monkey, using the hanging vines to cross the spikes between rock surfaces.
    21. When you have Barbossa cornered, he’ll jump away whenever you get near him. Grab a rock and bonk Barbossa with it to stun him. He’ll send his monkey to stun one of your characters, so switch to Will Turner or Jack Sparrow to attack the evil captain.
    22. Don’t get too close to the captain before throwing a rock to stun him. Also, look out for the apples he throws. Otherwise, stun him and attack, switching characters when the monkey stuns you. Hit him five times, and you’ve completed the first film out of four.
    23. Achievement Unlocked: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Complete the Film 1 story.
  • Dead Man’s Chest


    1. Will Turner starts off in trouble, hanging inside of a bone cage. Follow Mr. Gibbs’ example and swing left and right until the cage breaks from it’s rope. Roll down the hill ramp over the chasm to the right cliff face.
    2. Roll up the hill, looking out for the nasty tribesmen. At the top, you’ll find two dishes, roll into one of the dishes and your Lego friend Mr. Gibbs will roll into the second, opening the gate forward. Roll into the gate and you’ll fall into a cave.
    3. Destroy all of the boxes in the cave to create a climbable Lego net. Roll back out of the cave, and roll up the wall plastered with Lego bricks to reach the next cliff.
    4. Look left and roll into a single dish to raise the following gate. Roll over the bridges as you move left, following the path to another Lego net. Climb the net to find a… hamster wheel?
    5. What else can you do, but roll into the hamster wheel and run left. The mechanism will lower a water trough. After that’s down, ramp over to the right cliff face.
    6. Roll down the ledge, grabbing the vine as you fall to pull down another mechanism. The water spills into a catch and spins a huge wheel. You’re on the right track!
    7. Look at the wheel that spins in the background. There’s a cage-sized hole in there, so roll into the circular opening as the wheel stops.
    8. Roll out and up to find three wheels and a hamster wheel to the right. Wait near one of the wheels, and your Lego friend Mr. Gibbs will use the hamster wheel himself. Wait for the wheels to spin into position and roll into the circular holes as they pass.
    9. Nearing the top, you’ll see some brown Lego boulders blocking a path. Destroy them and roll down the cave, eventually you’ll reach the hamster wheel and blow out the back wall, allowing Mr. Gibbs to follow you up.
    10. At the top of the mountain you’ll find a small village. Roll through the cannibals and sit on both dishes simultaneously to open the gate. Roll right into the next area.
    11. Next, you’ll need to roll back down the circular peak, looking out for spear and spike traps. The traps are marked by square brown or green Lego bricks, so to bypass them either set them off by getting close or rolling right by quickly.
    12. Keep rolling until you finally reach a Lego brick bridge. Start rolling over it and the bridge will snap.
    13. Now Jack Sparrow’s back, and that yappy dog desperately needs a bone. Switch to Jack Sparrow, and start treasure hunting on the compass markers.
    14. Start by choosing the bone. You’ll find it in no time, so give the dog his bone and search for the other gold high-lighted option. Switch to the dog when you find the treasure to dig it up. Now you have one of the two piles of Lego bricks you need.
    15. Swim over the stream and use your dog to dig out some brown bricks in the ground. Build them with any of your human characters to construct a plank bridge. Look a little further right to find the second pile of Lego bricks nearby. Take both piles and places them on the two green brick surfaces.
    16. Build the hopping bricks into a climbable wall. Climb up, and switch to Mr. Gibbs to pound the red hot Lego bricks into shape. Once the rope is raised, jump onto the device and slide on the rope.
    17. You’ll drop off on a raised section of land. Hang from the rope hanging above, it’s a little easy to miss, to drop a big boulder that demolishes the Lego wall blocking your way.
    18. Swim ahead and destroy the three gray Lego insignias holding the dam together. When all three are destroyed, the water will take your Lego men to the Black Pearl.
  • A Touch of Destiny

    1. You’re in a dirty swamp, and two of your crewmates don’t want to help until you’ve found their prized possessions; a pistol and a glass eye. Start by using Jack Sparrow’s compass to search for the glass eye. Find the X and use the handy shovel nearby to dig up the treasure. Break it open, and take the eye back to Ragetti.
    2. Use the compass again to find the pistol. Swim left and you’ll see a crusty treasure chest on a singular little rock. Break the chest and grab the pistol for Pintel. Now that you have both crewmates, you can continue into this spooky swamp.
    3. Pick up the monkey and set it down on the raft to activate the crank mechanism. Start turning the crank to move the raft down the river. Keep going until monster tentacles (!) stop your raft. Jump off and break the three nearby barrels to find explosives. Set them off with a torch on the same rickety landing.
    4. Your raft is free, but the tentacles just moved down stream. Switch to Pintel and use his pistol to shoot the three floating targets to reveal bouncy lily pads. Hop over them with a torch in-hand and attack the barrel just left of the tentacles. Set off this barrel with the torch. Make sure you don’t drop the torch into the water!
    5. Now that the tentacles are gone, switch to Mr. Gibbs and pound the red glowing bricks into shape. Return to your ramp and get cranking until you reach the end of the line.
    6. On the dock, jump over the lily pads and climb to the second level where another glowing pile of Lego bricks needs Mr. Gibbs’ hammer. Create a wheel and turn it to pick up the monkey cage. Turn it twice more and you can take the monkey with you.
    7. Deposit the monkey on a catapult further down the dock, it’s a straight line to the catapult. Switch to anyone carrying a sword to activate the sword switch. Leave the sword minifigure in place while you shoot the target. Use Will Turner or Pintel to hit the target and send the monkey cage flying.
    8. Below, near a ladder, a green brick cage will open. Hang from the rope inside to activate a bridge. Run across the bridge and pick that monkey up.
    9. Take the monkey to the green surface marked by your pointer. A giant crocodile snatches your monkey! Oh well, at least you won’t have to deal with it for awhile. Jump over the water using the floating crates.
    10. Use Jack Sparrow on the compass marker to swing to a raised hut. Push both blocks left and right to weigh down a mechanism and raise two sets of plank bridges.
    11. Use the bridges to find another target. Shoot it with Pintel or throw an axe with Will Turner to drop the bridge.
    12. In the next area, run right until you can see a handful of villagers looking over the swamp. The giant crocodile is back, and he’s hungry. Keep moving when it moves underwater and pops up to snack on your Lego men.
    13. Between bites, the crocodile will roar. This is your chance to throw a bomb, helpfully tossed to you by the villagers, into the monster’s mouth. Do this three times, and the villagers will lower a plank.
    14. The swamp is deadly, so use the broken chunks of crocodile to get to your monkey. Pick it up and walk up the lowered plank into the little village. Set the cage down on the green surface and the cage will be flipped on its side like a barrel.
    15. Leave the cage behind for now. Run right over the bridge to find a set of two sword switches. Activate one switch with Will Turner and the other with Jack Sparrow, both holding their swords in place at the same time. A raft will rise up and provide you with the crank you need.
    16. Take the crank and run back over the bridge. Stick the crank into the mechanism and give it a turn to raise yet another bridge up, this one made of Lego bricks. Now jump onto the barrel-like monkey cage and roll it over the newly raised Lego bridge.
    17. Roll the cage into the roller and move until a bell rings. Now you can enter the witch’s home.
    18. After the cutscene, jump onto both ropes and pulls them to open up the door on the right side of the home. Run up the stairs to find another puzzle.
    19. On the second floor, run right and destroy the table holding a box full of Lego bricks. When the table breaks, the box will land on the pushable surface. The surface is all destroyed though. To fix it, climb the wall and ceiling until all of the white and blue bricks fall down.
    20. Construct the hopping bricks to complete the broken surface. Push the box onto the brown trap door, and use the sword switch to drop the box. The box will break open over the incomplete map on the first floor.
    21. Run back down the stairs and construct all the hopping blocks; build the map and the magnifying glass. When you’re finished, use the magnifying glass to search for something important.
    22. Look in the bottom left quadrant of the map for a brown ship. As it starts to move, follow it to complete this puzzle and this level.
  • The Dutchman’s Secret

    1. You’re on the ghoulish Flying Dutchman now. Grab a lamp to scare away the tentacles covering the sword mechanism just left of your starting position. Use the sword switch to drop a pile of hopping bricks onto the deck.
    2. Build the hopping bricks into a pile of barnacles. They look useless, but switch to Bootstrap Bill Turner and use the barnacles to travel to a new location.
    3. Up on the closed off deck, smash the barrel filled with minifigure parts, just right of the mast. Build his broken pieces to construct one of the crewmates. Return through the barnacles to find the next two.
    4. For the second crewmate, run up the stairs to a turnstyle. Push the green side of the turnstyle until the cannon drops down and smashes a crewmate. Run down and fix him, but he still won’t help. Give him the broom just ahead of him and he’ll start working.
    5. Run back up the stairs and enter the barnacles on the back wall of the ship. Grab a lamp and scare away the tentacles right of the barnacle transport. Jump down and build the hopping blocks into a set of stairs, so now Will Turner can join.
    6. Switch to Will Turner and climb the mast. Throw an axe at the target to knock down the mess of bricks. Construct them into the last crewmate.
    7. After the cutscene, you’ll be in the ship’s lower deck. Jump through the hole in the floor and run right to find another barnacle transport. Send Bootstrap Bill Turner through and turn the wheel, lowering a ladder.
    8. Return through the barnacles and run left to find a roller mechanism. Look just right of the roller, near a pillar there’s a barrel filled with tentacles. Scare the tentacles away with light, and attack the barrel until it’s laying on its side. Roll the barrel into the roller and move around until the chain snaps. Keep running until the lock is disengaged, too.
    9. Climb the ladder up and check left for the large gate. One of the locks is released. To release the second lock, use the sword switch. Now you can push the gate open by switching to another character and pushing on the green surface. Run through the open gate.
    10. You’ll be back on the deck of the ship. Follow the Dutchman into his room.
    11. Inside the expansive room, look left for a barnacle transport. Switch to Bootstrap Bill and use it. On the other end, use the sword switch and change to Will Turner, while still holding the switch down. With Will Turner, push the newly appeared wheel down the flat surface until it snaps into place.
    12. Turn the wheel to raise some platforms and jump across them to get over the flowing water. Look left and run down the steps to find another sword switch. Use it and switch minifigures to push the wheel into position.
    13. Now, with both wheels active, turn the wheels until you create a walkway over the flowing water. It’s the only way to move the Lego box up the ramp. Set the box on the green surface to start the musix box playing.
    14. As the music box plays, the tentacles will retreat and reveal glowing blue surfaces. Stand on both surfaces simultaneously to activate two more surfaces. Keep going until you’ve hit the blue, purple, and pink surfaces. If you step on the green surface, you’ll have to restart and content with evil pirates.
    15. If you fail, you’ll have to close both opening where evil pirates fall from. Pull on the chains to your left and right to stop the flow of incoming pirates and try the music box puzzle again.
    16. When the puzzle is finished, jump towards the Dutchman to complete the level.
  • Isla Cruces

    1. Once again, your crewmates don’t want to help you without giving them something first. Use Jack Sparrow’s compass to find a banana. Give it away and your crewman will be chased by hungry monkeys.
    2. To find the second treasure, search for five treasures using the compass and dig them all up. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the umbrella quickly. Either way, give the umbrella away and you’ll have yourself a boat.
    3. Continue to dig up treasure until you find the pieces to fix the catapult. Climb the palm tree just right of the quicksand and jump onto the pole to pull off a coconut. Take the coconut and load it into the fixed catapult. Use the sword switch to fire the coconut into the golden starfish.
    4. The golden starfish will break off, and Jack Sparrow can run into the beached boat to use a grappling hook. Ontop of the ship’s deck, run to the bow and over the plank, jumping onto the separated section of beach.
    5. Use Jack Sparrow’s compass to locate the last treasure… a giant enemy crab? As it rises up, it will grab Jack and throw him back to the catapult.
    6. To change the catapult’s direction, spin the wheel on its left side. Climb the palm tree again and jump to the pole to pull down another coconut. Load it and fire while the catapult is pointed at the huge crab. Do it twice to destroy the crab.
    7. Chunks of the crab will create jumping pads across the quicksand. Jump back to the buried treasure and dig it up. Smack a few times to get your hands on the treasure.
    8. As the cutscene ends, chase Jack Sparrow to the ruin. He’ll jump off his riding pig and attack, so fight until you land a hit. Jack fights hard, so it may take a long string of attacks before you actually hit him. Just keep at it, you’ll eventually take off one of his hearts.
    9. After taking a hit, Jack Sparrow will retreat into the ruins, breaking a few Lego bricks off as he runs. Build the hopping bricks into a gear and place the gear in the assembly to your right, just follow the point.
    10. With the gears in place, use the sword switch to activate them. A toolbox will drop out, grab the hammer and run to the red hot Lego bricks left of the gears. Some cursed pirates will attack, so fend them off as you fix the molten Lego blocks.
    11. Once the bricks are hammered, the door will open. Run into the ruins and throw an axe at the target above the doorway to drop a plank. Climb the plank and use the sword switch. Keep the switch held as you change characters and run up the plank. Once up the plank, your partner will release the switch, allowing you to go up another level as the plank rises.
    12. Don’t fall as you jump to the green poles, lowering a rope ladder. Climb up it and hit Jack Sparrow again. He’ll retreat higher, so run through the open gate to the outer wall of the ruin.
    13. Outside, take the torch and carefully inch through the ledge until you reach a net on the wall. Climb the netting and walk over the ledge until you reach an explosive fuse. Set it on fire with the torch and take cover.
    14. With the wall known destroyed, run into the hole you just made. Inside the ruins, use Will Turner to throw an axe at the target above, lowering a net. Climb the net, and get outside.
    15. On the ruined wall, chase Jack Sparrow over the narrow planks. If you fall, use the lowered vines to climb back up. Corner Jack Sparrow and take off both of his remaining hearts.
    16. Now you’re on the huge waterwheel, rolling across the island. Attack Jack Sparrow’s feet as they appear near the top of the wheel – he’s stuck in the wheel. Attack him twice to destroy two of the spokes and set Jack free.
    17. Jack Sparrow will be waiting inside the wheel, jump through the missing spikes to fight him. Once one of his hearts is down, he’ll retreat to his pig and get stuck in the wheel again.
    18. As he spins by, attack him to free him again and let him loose in the center of the wheel. This is your chance to take off another heart, so attack. He’ll retreat again and get himself stuck in the wheel. Attack as he spins by, destroying another spoke.
    19. He’ll return to the center, but this time if you attack him he’ll retreat to the top of the wheel. Jump onto the single remaining platform to get up top and defeat Jack Sparrow.
    20. After the cutscene, you’ll have to fight five regenerating crewmembers of the Dutchman’s pirate ship. Switch to Pintel and start firing with your pistol to destroy the pirates quickly, just remember to keep your distance!
    21. With all five pirates destroyed, you’ll win the level.
  • The Kraken

    1. Now you face the mighty kraken. This monster is a doozy, and has you trapped in your own ship. Grab a torch and run to the right and l eft side of the lower deck to find cannons. Activate the cannons by lighting their fuse and shooting cannon balls on the purple suckers of the Kraken’s tentacles.
    2. Fend off both tentacles to free Mr. Gibbs and Marty from its vile clutches. Now you need three boxes of explosive to place on three green surface. The first box is easy, just pick up the box ahead of the green surfaces and place it. Now, look for the other two.
    3. Run into the foreground and switch to Marty to destroy the chains hanging a box of explosive. For the third box, run left in the foreground and smash the cubbard on the left wall of the ship. Build the broken Lego bricks into a box and deposit it onto the green surfaces.
    4. With all three boxes in place, the Kraken will bust through a window. Use the pieces that fall out to build part of a turnstyle. The turnstyle is raised, so switch to Mr Gibbs to fix it. Fix both turnstyles, and push on the green side until the explosives are lifted up.
    5. Run up the stairs, and you’ll see you need two more boxes of explosives. Turn the golden wheel twice to lower both pushable floors in the background, and send Marty through the short door to the left. Have Marty push the box out until you can grab it and place it on the green surface.
    6. Now for the fifth box, run left until you spot a tentacle and a target beyond some stairs. Shoot the target to force the tentacle to retreat and release another box of explosives. Great, grab the box and place it on the fifth green surface.
    7. Now you need to raise the explosive again. The tentacle will retreat up the left stairwell. Try to follow and the stairs will collapse, providing you with the Lego bricks you need to construct a turnstyle.
    8. Push the green side until all the explosives are lifted up. The tentacle in the right stairs will retreat, so use those steps to reach the main deck.
    9. Switch to Jack Sparrow and use the hook to reach the crow’s nest. Break the rope in the foreground and climb the mast, sliding to another mast where there’s another rope that needs cutting. Use the rope to slide back down on deck.
    10. On deck, push the green Lego blocks until the device break. Switch to Mr. Gibbs and climb the rope you cut to fix the glowing red Lego bricks. Jump back down and push the turnstyle all the way.
    11. Run left and take a torch to light up your cannon. Fire the cannon at the hanging explosives to complete this section.
    12. Now you’re facing the Kraken for real. The Kraken will spit lots of junk, so take cover behind the silver chained blocks until it finishes. Once it’s done, grab a piece of junk and throw it into the Kraken’s mouth.
    13. After taking a few hits, the Kraken will suck up anything not behind cover, so use those chained crates to hide behind. Now it changes tactics, as well. It will slam two tentacles onto the deck.
    14. When it stops, take a torch and jump onto the resting tentacle. If you look closely, you’ll see a box of explosives sitting at the end of the tentacle. Run up and light the fuse.
    15. That makes the monster angry. It will slam the ship again, look out for the shockwaves the tentacle impacts emit. Once it finishes, grab another torch and run up the resting tentacle to light the explosives.
    16. After the explosion, hide and jump over the tentacle shockwaves. It will suck up anything not hiding right afterwards. After sucking, it’ll spit out more junk. Run to the box it spits out to discover it is filled with grenades.
    17. The Kraken follows a pattern for the rest of the fight; it will slam its tentacle down, suck, and then spit out. When it sucks everything up, that includes the box of grenades, so be quick when going for the grenades.
    18. Throw three grenades into the Kraken to defeat it for good.
    19. Achievement Unlocked: Dead Man’s Chest – Complete the Film 2 story.
  • At World’s End


    1. Welcome to Singapore, where one night will make a strong pirate humble. Run up the steps and follow the stone road left to a fish shop. The man inside wants a fish, so go fish hunting.
    2. Lucky for Elizabeth and Barbossa, there’s a fish stand just down the steps from the fish ship. Smash the stand and take the fish. Deliver the fish to drop a pole from the roof of the fish shop. Elizabeth Swann can double jump to the pole.
    3. On the roof, jump to the landing to your right and jump to the rope to slide a ways down the dock. As Elizabeth lands, she’ll release an unfolding bridge, allowing Barbossa across.
    4. Run down the dock until finding a set of chains holding green Lego poles. Stand near the flower icon and wait for Barbossa to use the sword switch, raising the chains. Now Elizabeth Swann can double jump to the poles and cross the water.
    5. On the other end, look right for a chain holding another folded bridge in place. Cut the chain to release the bridge and join up with Barbossa again. Ahead of the bridge is a closed door, cut it open and run up the lit stairs.
    6. Up the stairs, you’ll find two sword switchs. Have each character use them at the same time to release a swing, smashing Lego bricks blocking your path. Run back down the steps and follow the building left through a stone archway.
    7. Follow the path to a little boat. Jump in and paddle to the first dock you come across.
    8. Jump out into the square and look for the strange puzzle on the right wall. You’ll need to get the gold ball through the lines. The golden wheel recedes and extends either the blue or green gates, while the red and blue turnstyle moves the circular shape.
    9. Start by turning the golden wheel, then pushing the turnstyle until the golden ball falls to the second layer from the center. Push the blue sides until the ball is stopped above the green gate. Use the wheel to drop the golden ball into the third later.
    10. Now in the third layer, push the blue surface until the ball is over the blue gate. Spin the gold wheel again to drop the ball into the fourth layer. With the ball in the outermost layer, push the green side of the turnstyle until the ball is under a green gate.
    11. With the ball under the green gate, spin the golden wheel. Push the green side until the ball falls through back into the third layer and rests next to the blue gate. Spin the gold wheel again to open the blue gate.
    12. Drop the ball into the outer or fourth layer, and push the green surface until the ball is resting above the green gate. Hit the wheel one last time to drop the ball into the hole.
    13. The large puzzle will roll away, revealing the entrance inside a new building. Run inside and smash the lock to open the dividers. Inside the bath house, your enemy is hiding behind a wall of steam.
    14. To stop the steam, push both baths down their respective lanes until you see the steam pipes stop. Now you’re free to meet an unexpected friend before the real bad guys show themselves.
    15. Sao Feng and Barbossa are teamed up, but his crew needs their possessions back. Just outside the entrance to the bath house, look right and under the set of pinwheel fireworks. Attack the boxes to find a gunrack. Grab a pistol and give it to Tai Huang for him to join you.
    16. With Tai Huang on your character wheel, select him and shoot the target hanging from the ceiling of the back building. Take a carrot and give it to your next crewmember, Tattoo Pirate! What he lacks in name quality, he makes up for with strength.
    17. Look for the orange handle on the left wall of the plaza. These orange Lego handles are normally pulled by donkeys or horses. Switch to Tattoo Pirate and grab on, pulling backwards until Tia Dalma can join you.
    18. The gates of the plaza will swing open and East India Company soldiers will flood in. Switch to a swordfighter and take care of them as you leave through the open gates into the city.
    19. Achievement Unlocked: Fight to the bitter end! – Defeat 100 enemies. If you haven’t got it already, you’ll get it about here. If not here, then soon!
    20. In the city, switch back to Tattoo Pirate (Awesome.) and pull the bridge over the muddy stream. Run across and switch to Tai Huang, the pistol guy. Shoot down the first target to drop a huge Lego box. Switch back to Tattoo Pirate to carry it.
    21. Tattoo Pirate can drop off the box on a green surface back across the bridge he pulled. Rebuild the hopping Lego bricks onto the pushable surface, and push the carriage to the end.
    22. The ensuing explosion will open the gate. Run through it and towards another bridge. Grab the fireworks on the other end of the bridge and set it down on the green blocks. Snatch a torch and set it off.
    23. The explosion will destroy the next bridge and blow open the gate. Run ahead to find, taking the stairs down to the dock and run right, fighting through more soldiers with swords and muskets, until arriving infront of your ship.
    24. Switch to Tai Huang and shoot the target to drop a plank. When everyone’s all aboard, you’ll win this level.
  • Davey Jones’ Locker

    1. Now things are getting weird. You have two Jack Sparrows for the price of one. Regular, and the shirtless variety packing a pistol. And there’s two more you need to find!
    2. First, shoot the target on your boat with pistol Jack and climb the netting up the mast. Walk across the beam and push this jack off the mast.
    3. He wants… something, so select it with Jack’s compass and going search for treasure. Follow the blue footsteps. Find the treasure… until you realise you have no shovel.
    4. To find a shovel, search for the canoe in water. The tornado that reveals the treasure will split up, but only follow the tornado that moves on a straight path. Discovering the canoe also discovers a new Jack Sparrow with a shovel.
    5. But this Jack Sparrow wants a duck. Okay, so search for the duck with the compass. Thankfully, you can pick up the duck and give it to Jack. With duckie in hand, give it to Jack and he’ll join you.
    6. Now that you have a shovel, dig up the treasure bomb Jack wants. It turns out to be a large peanut. Crack the peanut open and give the half to bomb Jack and he’ll join up.
    7. Now you have all the Jack Sparrows you need to fix your broken ship. Dig up the front of the ship on the right side of the screen, and helpful white crabs will place it for you.
    8. For the backend, start by throwing a bomb at the silver Lego bricks. Destroy both croppings of silver Lego bricks and build both sets of hopping blocks.
    9. With that finished, you’ll need the goat on your side. Search for the fruit to give the goat. Once you’ve found it with your compass, destroy it and give the piece to the goat. Jump onto your new animal friend and bite down the orange handle, pulling back. Keep pulling until the helpful crabs fix the cabin to the ship.
    10. Climb aboard and push the turnstyle to raise anchor. Of course you’re not done yet, you have to pull on the chain hanging from the front of the ship.
    11. A Lego pirate’s work is never done. Your whole crew needs motivation. For your first crewman, jump downstairs and destroy the silver cage with Marty. The crewman will run off, so take note of the crank inside. Don’t grab it just yet.
    12. Look along the back wall for some hopping bricks. Build them to draw a target and box out in the open. Shoot the target with Marty, and grab the box. Carry it to the green surface ahead of Tattoo Pirate’s cage.
    13. The box will break apart into hopping bricks. Built it into a crank mechanism. Now it’s time to pick up the crank and insert it into the mechanism. Turn the crank and Tattoo Pirate is free at last.
    14. Run to the main deck, all the way up to the surface, to see two of the crew chained to the mast. Shoot them free with Marty’s big gun. That’s two more crew working!
    15. After destroying the chains, a climbable chain will hang from the mast. Climb it to the top with Barbossa, jump up to the crow’s nest, and finally jump to the suspended rope to slide across. You’ll land on another mast, run to the nest and use the sword switch to lower a silver cage with a crewmember hanging off the side.
    16. Jump down to the deck and shoot the silver cage with Marty. Now Mr. Cotton will help Jack Sparrow. You’ve still got five people to go.
    17. Two of the crew are messing with cannons, one on the left side of the screen while another is on the right. Shoot the cannon with Marty’s gun to free the cannons and get those crew running.
    18. Take a torch off the cabin exterior and light the fuse of the explosives next to the attacking octopus. The explosion chases the sea monster away and frees another distressed crewmember.
    19. Will Turner is sleeped at the wheel. Wake him up by attacking the wheel until it spins out of control. He gets the pictures, and that leaves just one man left.
    20. There’s one deck we’ve missed so far. Run down to the bottom deck, where Mr. Gibbs is snoozing. Destroy the barrels on the smooth Lego surface before sending Marty through the short door to push the barrel forward.
    21. Push the cask to the water boiler and use the sword switch. Water to wake up Mr. Gibbs and you’ll have everyone working. Return to the main deck, up three sets of stairs.
    22. You still have one last job. Help the pirates capsize the boat by jumping onto the chain marked with a pointer and swinging left and right.
  • Norrington’s Choice

    1. Starting the level, run up the steps to the front of the ship. Use Norrington to pull the sword switch, and use one of your soldier minifigures to shoot the target on the mast. Pull on both ends of the chains to open a hole leading below deck.
    2. Jump into the hole, already. You’ll find two cannons, but if you don’t have a torch they’re useless. Climb the ladder down to find a torch, and run right until you find another ladder leading down. Use the torch to scare away those gross tentacles and jump down.
    3. On this deck you’ll find a long pushable surface blocked by tentacles and hanging nets. Scare off the purple tentacles, and use both golden wheels once to move the nets out of your way.
    4. Push the Lego blocks left, into the background, and into the foreground until you’re once again stopped by the netting.
    5. Run over and flip the golden switch in the foreground to move the netting out of your way. Keep pushing the device until it activates. Use Norrington to turn one of the sword switches, while a soldier uses the second switch.
    6. One of your soldiers will need a sword, luckily there’s a handy sword just left of the sword switches attached to a pillar.
    7. The door will swing open. Going deeper into the ship, you’ll see the crew in a cage. Run right to find a torch attached to a column, and use it to set the fuse of the explosives at the base of the cell door.
    8. That sets the captured crew free. Now you need to climb back up and escape the Flying Dutchman. Fight your way through the monstrous pirates, climb up a level and run right. Near the next ladder, you’ll find an orange handle Lego brick.
    9. Switch to Tattoo Pirate and pull on that handle until the whole wall of Lego bricks falls apart. Grab a torch and set off one of the two triple-barreled cannons. The cannon will fire, and roll backwards. Run through the opening to get outside.
    10. On the bow, drop through a hole and use the rickety Lego planks to find a flower symbol. Switch to Elizabeth and double jump to the brown pole on the outer part of the ship. If she makes the jump, a net will drop down.
    11. Climb on the net to reach the green-pole-outlined platform with all three of your crew. To cross the next gap, you’ll have to jump over three cannon windows. Jump to each of the three brown Lego poles, just look out for when they open and fire!
    12. One the green poled platform, jump up to another brown pole to pull down a flat surface to reveal a golden wheel. Jump to the surface and spin the wheel. Spinning the wheel raises the small boat, but there’s more Lego bricks blocking your way.
    13. Use the character select to choose Tai Huang and shoot the target over the green oval Lego bricks. Swing on the chain left behind and jump over the pit.
    14. Fight off the pirates and take a torch to scare away the purple tentacles just to the right. Keep going to find the aft, or the back, of the ship and a handy rope. Jump to the rope and slide over to your ship.
    15. Select Tattoo Pirate to pull the four orange handles anchoring your ship to the Flying Dutchman. Once you do that, you’ve won the level.
  • The Brethren Court

    1. This mess of a place is where you’ll recruit pirates from all around the world. Run forward until you meet the first of the pirates waiting behind a waterfall. Use Jack Sparrow and Barbossa to pull both sword switches.
    2. Smash the box that falls out and build the Lego bricks into a statue. The pirate approves, so that’s one pirate down. Find more pirates, so start by running left up and over a plank and into a new area.
    3. Through the door, run right and hit the mechanism to lower a chain. Right of the chain is another pirate you’ll need to impress with your clever Lego cunning.
    4. Grab the gear near the pirate and attach it to the green surface. Now that all the gears are in place, push the green side of the turnstyle until the cannon is in position to destroy the silver chain keeping the pirate from his treasure.
    5. The cannon is in position, but you’ll need a torch to light it. A compass icon will appear, use it to search for a torch. Follow the footprint, they’ll lead you right to one. Now light the cannon and destroy the chains locking that box. Destroy both locks to get this pirate on your side.
    6. That’s two down. Look left and jump over the railings to find another pirate waiting below. This pirate wants wigs. As you land infront of her, use Jack Sparrow’s compass to search for a wig. Find it and place it on one of the three green surfaces to her left.
    7. To find another wig, push the green-side of a block on the white and blue surface until a wig drops down. Pick it up and place it near the pirate. She still wants one more.
    8. The last one is easy. Walk into the foreground to find a precipitous narrow walk to the last wig. Carefully walk towards it and pick it up, then deposit it on the green Lego blocks.That’s three pirates down, three to go.
    9. Jump down back to the base of the waterfall where you started. This time, follow the right path instead of the left. You can see pictures of all the pirate you’l
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