Lego: The Hobbit Character Unlock Cheat Codes

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Posted on April 10, 2014, GameFront Staff Lego: The Hobbit Character Unlock Cheat Codes

Get the Witch-King, Sauron, and even Pete Jackson into your team right away with these Lego: The Hobbit character unlock codes.

Unlike most in the modern age of gaming, the Lego titles keep cheating alive. These codes might not give invincibility or anything super cool (You’ll have to find the Red Bricks for that) they do provide for instant acccess to some of Middle-Earth’s most iconic characters.

To access the cheat input, open the options menu and select “Extras” — be sure to distinguish between the letter [O] and the number [0] in the text below. See the difference? They’re pretty close.

Use these powerful friends to unlock new areas in Free Roam Mode or while replying levels. They really come in handy. Each minifigure has his or her own set of special powers for interacting with the world. Some come equipped with hooks or super swords, while others can get nice and plump. Perfect for bouncing on their belly. Some characters work together in unique ways — dwarves can pile up, and son. See for yourself what all these fantasy pals can do. Find all the codes in the text below.

Take your unlocked characters on a adventure with GameFront’s Lego: The Hobbit walkthrough showing you how to solve every tricky puzzle. Or check out our Lego: The Hobbit cheats for more hidden secrets, collectibles and unlockables.

Character Unlock Cheat Codes

Work-In-Progress: There are more character codes available. Check back soon for new updates.

  • Alfrid: FAVZTR
  • Azog (Claw): 84ZZSI
  • Bain: W5Z6AC
  • Bard: UER3JG
  • Barliman Butterbur: XTVM8C
  • Barrow Wight: 555R9C
  • Beorn: KEID2V
  • Bolg: ZIBYHO
  • Braga: MXUXKO
  • Elros: H2CAID
  • Fimbul: THAVRM
  • Galadriel: 00TE7J
  • Gollum: 3CE37P
  • Grinnah: TPD7YW
  • Lindir: V4Y5HZ
  • Master Of Laketown: 9NOK35
  • Narzug: 4FYKKB
  • Necromancer: NM3I2O
  • Percy: 74KN31
  • Peter Jackson (Bree): 5OJEUC
  • Rosie Cotton: TB4S6J
  • Sauron: OARA3D
  • Thror (Armour): SYKSXF
  • Tom Bombadil: 4Y95TJ
  • Witch-King: V8AHMJ
  • Yazneg: S6VV33

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