Life is Strange 2 removed from sale in Australia

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Life is Strange 2 was removed from sale on digital stores this past week in Australia, where several games have recently been falling foul of the nation's strict game classification system. The good news is though that the removal is only expected to last for the next few weeks.

The Australian Classification Board has been reviewing the age ratings of a few games lately, and Life is Strange 2 has been caught up in the commotion. The developers of the game advised that the game will be delisted for 2 weeks, starting today. 

They also confirmed that anyone who already had the game downloaded will not loose out on being able to play the game.

The reclassification process may be due to upcoming DLC, as other games have had to go through a similar process with the Australian Classification Board, including We Happy Few and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Stay tuned to GameFront for any updates as we learn it.


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