Life is Strange: True Colors will focus on the power of empathy

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Life is Strange has always revolved around themes of empathy, but it seems more prevalent than ever in the latest trailer for True Colours, which focuses on teenager Alex and how her feelings of empathy are actually the superpower this time around.

The latest trailer shows off how this works. You'll come across characters who are glowing with an aura if they are feeling heightened emotions, and this eventually leads to what the trailer calls a "nova" of feelings, transforming the world around Alex. She can change emotions in different ways, such as removing them from a person altogether, which she uses to great effect. 

One example in the trailer is when an artist, filled with rage, begins to express suicidal thoughts. She removes the anger from the artist but has to absorb that emotion into herself. 

The game is releasing on the 10th of September, and will also ship with an ultimate edition that includes visual remasters of Life is Strange and Before the Storm.


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