Life of Crime mod adds new story mode to Red Dead 2

By FileTrekker 10 months ago, last updated 10 months ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 has probably one of the best single-player campaigns I've played in some years, but as enjoyable as it is, it lacks somewhat in replayability, unless grinding for every last dinosaur bone and rare exotic animal is your cup of tea.

Enter the new Life of Crime mod, which adds an entirely new story mission mode to the game in the Red Dead Redemption 2 set, and you can even create your own character this time around.

It's pretty high quality too, with a brand new set of cutscenes, dialogue, and options, including the ability to have a male or female character. You start off breaking out of the Siska Penitentiary, before you meet an old friend who will get you started on your path to criminality - sounds like the rough framework for a lot of Rockstar games.

You'll be able to upgrade your character, play missions, engage in heists, and do the usual things you've come to expect in Red Dead 2's open-world setting. According to the modder, CruelMasterMC, "The whole point of the mod is to play as a completely NEW character." 

Given Red Dead Online will no longer be updated, you might be craving some new Red Dead content. You can download the mod now here, but don't forget to grab the dependencies such as Script Hook RDR2 which you can find in the description.


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