Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough

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Posted on January 13, 2011, Mitchell Saltzman Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough

Little Big Planet 2 is without doubt one of the year’s first big new releases, and gamers will be excited to get their hands on all the new customization options. There are new game modes — racing and RPG have been added to the traditional platforming — and myriad new ways to design, test, challenge, and bedevil.

Buried under all this wonderful customization is a singleplayer game, one that demands some serious precision and that includes a full panoply of collectibles. Check out this unstoppable juggernaut of advice — a full text and video walkthrough! If you need factual information, we’ve got PS3 Trophies as well as a Cheats page, which will be filling up with collectible/unlockable information as soon as it becomes available.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Da Vinci’s Hideout

Rookie Test

  1. The very first real level of Little Big Planet 2 mostly serves as a tutorial mission, so use this to get yourself used to the controls and mechanics of your sackboy.
  2. Press “X” to jump, holding it to jump further and tapping it to do a quick little hop.
  3. NOTE: You see the portrail on the wall that is missing a pair of glasses? If you come back to this level when you have the Da Vinci Specs and place them on the picture, you will be able to bypass the portion of the level where you must kill yourself, giving you the opportunity to earn the “Level Aced” gift.
  4. The circular objects that light up when you cross them are checkpoints. Everytime you die, your sackboy will reappear at the last checkpoint you passed.
  5. Continue following the directions of Da Vinci and learning the basics of Little Big Planet’s primary controls. Eventually, you’ll be given the chance to get some prize bubbles. Make sure to collect them all, as these will not only give you extra objects and items, but also go towards the “All Items Found” bonus, which will net you rare items.
  6. When you get to the next area, collect the two stickers and then place them on the proper places on the portrait. Note that you don’t actually have to resize the sticker to the proper size on the portrait, but you can if you want to by using the right stick.
  7. When you drop down, make sure to take a few steps back to collect the two items underneathe the platform, then keep moving forward.
  8. Next up, you’ll learn about bounce pads. Jumping on these will send you soaring into the air. Use them to collect all of the prize bubbles before moving on.
  9. In this next area, you’ll find your first prize bubble that’s a little out of reach. Use the bounce pads to get to the top of the bookshelf, making sure to collect the prize bubbles to the left.
  10. When you reach the top, before you move ahead, push the small wooden plank away and drop down to collect the two prize bubbles underneath.
  11. Collect all of the items near the TV monitor and then continue up the books. Use the bounce pad to pick up the three items and then keep on moving until you reach the end.

Grab and Swing

  1. Now its time for you to learn how to grab and swing as the title of the level suggests.
  2. Head forward and grab hold of the yellow sponge by holding down “R1.” From there you can push and pull the block and position it so you can grab the prize bubble above.
  3. In the next area, push the truck forward and then push the block so you can jump on the truck and reach the prize bubble. Then move them to the right again so you can reach the next platform.
  4. Next, jump on to the blocks and pull them down to make the Prize Bubble topple over. Pull a block to the right and use it to jump to the checkpoint.
  5. Push the car to the right to reach the next Prize Bubble and platform. For this next couch on wheels, you’ll need to give to a little shove to get it going, then jump on top to ride it down the slope. Be ready to jump at the end to grab the prize bubble at the end.
  6. After you reach the end, head to the left and go down the slope to find a secret area with a bunch of Prize Bubbles.
  7. When you reach the next checkpoint, drop down to the bottom and collect the Prize Bubble on the right. Bounce up using the pad and then swing to the next platform.
  8. Drop down in the next section and head right. Collect the Prize Bubble and then head through the gap in the wall on the top plane (Hit up twice and then move through the wall.)
  9. Follow the secret path all the way to the left and then use the bounce pad to shoot through the wall on the left.
  10. Swing along the chains, collecting the key as you go. Continue heading right and you’ll reach the level link that will take you to part 2.
  11. Jump to the left and grab on to the toilet paper roll to bring down a Prize Bubble. Next, head right and claim your grappling hook.
  12. Head back to the toilet and grapple the switch up top to cause a secret Prize Bubble to appear.
  13. The two prize bubbles near the spot where you got the Grappling Hook are a little tricky to get. Start off far away when you shoot your hook, then when you swing, hold “Up” on the control stick to reel your line in. This should give you enough speed to let go and soar toward the Prize Bubbles.
  14. Drop down after the next checkpoint to pick up the Prize Bubbles below, then swing across the gap to the next checkpoint.
  15. Pick up the two Prize Bubbles below before swinging across and nabbing the Prize Bubbles in between the hook points.
  16. Use the grappling hook in this next area to reel yourself upward by holding “Up.” In the next area, reel yourself down. Make sure to head left when you land to pick up Da Vinci’s Specs. With these, you can go back to the first level and place them on the portrait.
  17. Keep heading right to reach a race gate. You can try to get to the end as fast as you can to maximize your point bonus, but be careful not to miss the Prize Bubbles on the way. Of particular note are the ones just after the second checkpoint. You’ll need to bounce yourself off the pad while using your grappling hook, then let go when you get enough speed to fly up to the platform the Prize Bubbles are resting on.
  18. When you reach the spinning wheel, grapple on to it and then let go when you get enough speed to fly up and nab the Prize Bubble suspended high in the air.
  19. Once you cross the finish line, head a bit further to the right to complete the level.

Gripple Grapple

  1. NOTE: At the very beginning of this level, if you have the “Da Vinci Crest” sticker, you can place it on the painting and trigger a race that will net you extra points and three Prize Bubbles.
  2. Head forward and pick up the grappling hook. Use it to swing across the first gap and then bounce up and be ready to grapple again.>
  3. Swing and bounce your way up to the platform above, collecting the Prize Bubbles along the way.
  4. Swing across the next gap and bounce up the pads to reach the next checkpoint. This next area has a bunch of Prize Bubbles floating around, but they’re not easy to get.
  5. The first two below can be obtained by simply lowering yourself down far enough to grab them without touching the electrified ground. For the six above though, you’ll need to head right and get to the platform above.
  6. Jump off the edge to the left and use your grapple as you’re falling to gain speed. When you start swinging, hold up to reel yourself in and gain some extra speed. Once you’re going fast enough, let go of “R1″ and fly into the air to collect the floating Prize Bubbles.
  7. Once you get all six of the flying Prize Bubbles, you can head right, jump over the first few jump pads so you can bounce into the three prize bubbles on the right, then shoot the grapple in to the air once you reach the top to grab the key.
  8. Head right to the next contraption and let it swing you under to collect three more Prize Bubbles.
  9. Use your grapple hook to get up the three wheels and reach the next platform. Note that there are two Prize Bubbles that rotate out of each wheel, so make sure to nab them before you proceed.
  10. When you grab on to the top grapple point, use the momentum caused by its movement to swing toward the next Prize Bubble.
  11. Use a combination of the grapple points and the bounce pads to propel yourself around without being in danger of touching the electricity.
  12. Bounce up to the next grapple point and inch to the right so you can reach the next grapple point
  13. In the next area you need to be careful not to hit the electrified ball as you attempt to swing to the other side.
  14. Grab the two Prize Bubbles before the checkpoint and then do another bounce pad grapple jump.
  15. Grapple across the spinning wheels, collecting the Prize Bubbles as you go and being careful not to land inside the mechanical pirahna plant’s mouth.
  16. Use momentum to grab the next 3 prize bubbles suspended in the air over the next contraption. Grab on to the left point, and then wait for it to swing you right before you start reeling yourself to build up speed. Once you’ve got the speed, just let go and aim for the bubbles.
  17. Continue heading right and you’ll reach part 2.
Dip down as you’re swinging across this next area to pick up the Prize Bubbles below. When you reach the checkpoint, you’ll come to the first cooperative area of the game. Cooperative Puzzle: 2 Players If you have two players, have both of them grab hold of a grapple point at the same time. You’ll be taken up to a secret area. Have one player grab the grapple point and then the other grapple the first player. Then just boost off the bounce pad and soar up to the Prize Bubbles. Use your grappling hook to grab the points and save yourself from electricution as you move your way downward. Carefully time your swings in this next area to avoid getting squished. Swing across the next three points to extend a bridge that you can reach by using the wheel to the right. Make sure to collect the Prize Bubbles on the way! Head up the next group of contraptions by using your grappling hook and you’ll eventually make it to the end! Just grapple the switch at the top and drop down to the scoreboard.

Bravery Test

  1. While it seems like you can finish the level just by taking a few steps to the left, you’ll find that a hidden gate quickly dashes those hopes. Head to the left to get this level started.
  2. NOTE: Replay this level after you get the “Wooden Gear 1″ sticker and place it on the outline above with wings. Do so and you’ll trigger a race that will place grapple points throughout the level that will not only make this level over much faster, but also give you access to otherwise inaccessible prize bubbles.
  3. Head up the appearing red platforms, collecting the first Prize Bubble on the way and then jump over the switch to find another Prize Bubble semi-obscured by the cobwebs.
  4. Hit the button to drop a grapple point. Wait until it goes down all the way before you attempt to jump for it.
  5. Head left and pull the switch to drop another grapple point. Grab on to it and let it take you up.
  6. Grab the two nearby Prize Bubbles and then head up the slanted platform. Pull the switch to angle the platform the other way and continue forward. Hit the second switch to open the gate on the right and reveal a pair of bounce pads.
  7. Drop down instead of hitting the bounce pad to grab a bunch of points and a Prize Bubble. Work your way to the top to reach the next checkpoint.
  8. Hop across the platforms when they appear. Be patient or you’ll wind up down below and wasting time.
  9. Hit the red switch to reveal a bunch of bounce pads. Bounce your way up to the top, collecting the Prize Bubbles as you go.
  10. Be patient before jumping across the next gap. Wait for the platforms to appear. If you miss this jump, you won’t be able to get this Prize Bubble again without restarting the level. Once you get it, drop down and you’ll be saved by magically appearing red platforms.
  11. Work your way up to the next checkpoint. Here you’ll have to hit the red switch to turn off the electricity and then quickly move across.
  12. In the second part, you need to hit both switches to refill the time meter and then quickly run across before the electricity turns back on.
  13. Don’t worry about most of the Prize Bubbles you’re passing up. You’ll need to replay the level and place the sticker at the beginning in order to get these.
  14. When you reach the top, Da Vinci will introduce you to his Cannon. Before you jump in, go under it and move to the last plane to get behind it. Jump up to find two obscured prize bubbles.
  15. Grab the key that Leonardo gives you as a reward and then drop down the gap to the left.
  16. Bounce across the gap and pick up the grappling hook. When you’re dropping down a gap in this next section, try to follow the trail of point bubbles. They usually will lead you to a bounce pad that will take you to safety.
  17. When you bounce across the next group of pads, be especially careful to follow the point bubbles. At the end of the last trail is a Prize Bubble that you will not be able to get again if you miss it, unless you decide to replay the level again.
  18. To the left of the next checkpoint is another cooperative level.
  19. Cooperative Puzzle: Two Players: For this puzzle, designate one player as the switch puller and the other as the jumper. Use the switch to make the platforms appear as the jumper moves from platform to platform. Eventually they’ll make it to the top right where a bunch of a Prize Bubbles await.
  20. Head right to the next checkpoint and then drop down but be sure to grapple to save yourself from dropping on to the electrified floor. Dip down to grab the three prize bubbles.
  21. Once again, drop but be ready to use your grapple to swing away from the electrified floor.
  22. Do it one more time and then grapple the next contraption and move to the left to start sliding down the rails. Swing to the left wall at the beginning to land on a platform with a Prize Bubble. Then, grapple the ball as it continues sliding down and grab the two Prize Bubbles underneath the platform./li>
  23. Head to the left to reach the scoreboard and complete the level.

Final Test

  1. The so-called “Final Test” is actually a fairly simple boss fight. Basically, it all breaks down to flipping and pressing switches.
  2. Start off by grabbing hold of the two switches to the left and right. Be careful of the yo-yos that the boss drops.
  3. After you hit the first two, jump on the platform that rises and wait for the red button to appear. Jump on it and get ready for the next phase.
  4. Next, the boss will essentially perform the “Walk the Dog” trick with the yo-yos. You can avoid them simply by jumping between the planes. Flip both switches again and then press the red switch when it appears.
  5. The next phase is largely the same, except now you have to worry about bounce pads. Just make sure not to jump into them when a yo-yo is above you and you’ll be fine.
  6. Hit the switches again and you’ll be given a grappling hook. Use it to pull down the two switches and use the grapple points to avoid getting hit by the yo-yos.
  7. Once you get the two switches to turn green, a final flashing grapple point will appear. Grapple it to complete the level.

Chapter 2 – Victoria’s Laboratory

Runaway Train

  1. Head right and you’ll pick up the Grabinator powerup. With this, you will be able to lift and throw small blocks to hit enemies, switches, or collect Prize Bubbles.
  2. Collect the bunch of Prize Bubbles straight ahead and then head into the next car. Stack the blocks on the left side first to reach the prize bubbles, then make a staircase so you can head up.
  3. Head left once you reach the top and pick up the three Prize Bubbles at the end.
  4. You need to use the bounce pads to jump to the next car, but make sure to time your jump so you don’t get hit by the incoming signs above.
  5. Continue heading right and drop down to the next car below. Jump to the left to reach a checkpoint and then get a running jump off the left to nab all three prize bubbles suspended in the air.
  6. Throw the blocks at both of the switches to release a bunch of prize bubbles and unlock the next door to the right.
  7. Jump across the gap to the checkpoint and then start grabbing the small purple balls next to the checkpoint. Throw these at the prize bubbles to pop them, just make sure that you’re on the same plane as them.
  8. Once you get all of the prize bubbles, hit the switch at the end and bounce up to the next level.
  9. Grab the next Prize Bubbles and then pick up the block so you can safely jump and hit the red switch multiple times and get rid of the obstacles blocking your way.
  10. Head right along the roof of the train, but be careful not to get hit by the signs.
  11. Jump over to the next checkpoint and then start picking up and throwing blocks until you’re able to reach the bottom. Be sure to check everywhere because there are two hidden Prize Bubbles obscured by the blocks on the bottom left side.
  12. Cooperative Puzzle: 2 and 3 Players Simply throw one of your buddies up to get the Prize Bubbles up here. If you have at least three players, you can throw two up to the first platform, and then have one throw the third up to the second platform.
  13. Enemies will appear on the next car. In order to defeat them, simply bounce of the jump pads and aim for their heads.
  14. When you hit the next checkpoint, you’ll need to use the purple balls again to take the enemies out from a distance.
  15. Continue on until you’re inside the next car and pass the checkpoint.
  16. Drop down and grab one of the purple balls. You must jump over the bounce pads so you don’t jump into the wall and crush the ball you’re carrying. Once you reach the end, throw it at the switch to continue.
  17. Against the miniboss, all you need to do is grab a ball, bounce on the pad and throw them at his weakspot. Once you do, head on over, collect the prize bubbles, and head to the right to complete the level.

Brainy Cakes

  1. Head left from the start into the wreckage and you’ll find two prize bubbles and a switch. Collect the prizes and then return to the gate.
  2. Talk to Victoria and then hop up the nearby steps to reach the background. Once you’re in the background plane, head left to get behind the gate where there are two more Prize Bubbles. Make sure to use the hidden bounce pad to grab the second one.
  3. Head right with the Grabinator equipped and make sure to throw the fruit cakes at the two Prize Bubbles in plain sight.
  4. Next, hold on to a fruit cake and slide down the rail.
  5. Bounce into the background and use your fruit cake to reach all of the three prize bubbles to the left.
  6. Bounce to the rail and slide down to the next platform. Once again, throw your fruit cake at the two Prize Bubbles and then use one to destroy the enemy to the right.
  7. Collect the Prize Bubble to the right of the bounce pads and then bounce up to snag the next two.
  8. Bounce along the heads of the three enemies hogging the platforms and then use a fruit cake to slide along the next rail so you can bounce off the next three enemies.
  9. Drop down to the first plane to collect the prize bubble and then head right with a fruit cake in hand.
  10. Make sure you hold on to the fruit cake the whole time in this next section so you don’t fall into the purple mist of death. Jump right when a platform pushes you up so you can jump high enough to grab the three prize bubbles and make it over the rails.
  11. Use the fruit cakes to take care of the creatures as you work your way to the top platform. Grab the Prize Bubble on your left before proceeding.
  12. Cooperative Puzzle – 2 Players Required: Head left with your buddy once you reach the top to find a cooperative puzzle. All you have to do is have both players pick up a red robot and then throw them into the buttons at the same time.
  13. Continue right and throw two more fruit cakes at the Prize Bubbles lined along the wall.
  14. Grab a Fruit Cake and hold on to one as you move across the spinning wheel. Continue right to the checkpoint and throw a fruit cake at the Prize Bubble to the right of it.
  15. Use a Fruit Cake to destroy the enemy ahead and then pick it back up. Head forward to the next wheel but note the purple liquid that appears on certain parts of the wheel. Avoid those purple parts as you hang on and get carried over to the next platform.
  16. Kill the next enemy and head right to the next check point. Grab a fruit cake and start bouncing over the rails, but not before throwing a fruit cake at the prize bubble to the left of the checkpoint.
  17. Time your movements carefully to avoid getting impaled by the spikes.
  18. Head right to the next checkpoint and throw another cake into the prize bubble.
  19. Before you use a fruit cake to slide down the rail, head right and jump across the gap to collect two more prize bubbles.
  20. Now grab a cake and slide on down. Make sure to let go so you land on the bounce pads and use your momentum to leap across the gap. You’ll bounce on another set of pads that will take you topside.
  21. Use cakes to collect the two nearby prize bubbles and then continue heading right with a cake over your head.
  22. The spoons will shoot you up higher depending on how close you are to the head of the spoon.
  23. Collect the two Prize Bubbles to the left of the jump pads and then head up the next set of spoons.
  24. Continue bouncing your way up until you reach the top level. Pick up a cake and carefully slide along the rail to avoid the pink globs of death.
  25. When you reach the end, make sure your slide all the way to the wall whenever you drop to a new rail to grab the Prize Bubbles.
  26. Throw a cake to destroy the monster up ahead and reveal a platform that will take you to the jump pads.
  27. Bounce up to the top and keep on heading right until you reach the checkpoint over the disappearing platforms. There are several prize bubbles along the way, but they’re all pretty easy to spot.
  28. In this last section, the platforms will start to disappear and you must be sure that you don’t hit any pink stuff when you fall. Make sure to be on the right side at the beginning so you can collect the key.
  29. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll reach the end of the level.

The Cakeinator

  1. Head right from the entrance to trigger a talk between Leonardo and Victoria, then check behind the bottles to collect two Prize Bubbles.
  2. Continue right to pick up the Cakeinator. This weapon will allow you to shoot out cupcakes that stick to surfaces. Fire one at the wall to the right to weigh it down and cause it to fall.
  3. Fire a shot at the enemy up ahead to take it down and then continue forward.
  4. Fire another cupcake at the next wall to turn it into a bridge, then fire another cupcake to use it as a platform to reach the next ledge.
  5. Put a cupcake on the right side of the gap so it prevents the drawer from opening when you move over it. Now drop down and collect the three prize bubbles over the bounce pads.
  6. Bounce to the right side for the checkpoint and then place a cupcake on the fiery coals so you can jump across.
  7. Place a cupcake on the floor after dealing with the enemy and jump to the platform on the left. The drawer in the background will push you off when you get near, so place a cupcake down in front of it. This will block the drawer and allow you to run across to collect more Prize Bubbles.
  8. Shoot a cupcake at the wall to the right to push it down and turn it into a bridge. From there, shoot a cupcake at the wheel to weigh it down and bring a platform with bounce pads down to your level.
  9. Bounce up to the checkpoint and look behind the wafer to the left for an obscured prize bubble.
  10. Place a cupcake on the conveyor belt to the left and ride it down like an elevator. Jump off to the platform to the right and continue heading forward ot the next checkpoint.
  11. Place a cupcake down before the checkpoint and use it to jump on the platform with the enemy. Take the enemy out and then shoot a cupcake at the curved platform to the left. It will rotate and reveal a bounce pad. Shoot a cupcake at the wall so you can jump to the bounce pads and grab the prize bubbles above.
  12. Continue heading right, creating platforms by using your cupcake gun and make sure to jump into the tea cup at the end to find another obscured prize bubble.
  13. Bounce up to the checkpoint and place a cupcake down in front of the drawer up ahead so you can move across.
  14. Bounce up to the next area and either move to the left if you have multiple players, or right if you’re going solo.
  15. Cooperative Puzzle – Two Players Have one players stand on one side of the scale while the other places a cupcake on the other.
  16. Head past the next checkpoint to the right and take out the enemy on the platform up ahead. Place a cupcake on the drawer so it cant go back in and then grab the prize bubbles suspended above.
  17. Head right, place a cupcake near the wafer and grab the prize bubble inside the hole in the wall.
  18. After the next checkpoint, place a cupcake on the bottom of the left scale to raise the right one and then continue forward
  19. At this next contraption, you need to stand on the platform in the background and shoot a cupcake into the gear to jam it when opening in the rotating wheel gives you path to the platform below.
  20. Head past the next checkpoint and jump over the gap when its safe to grab the nearby prize bubble.
  21. Jump back and shoot a cupcake so it covers the hole where the purple stuff comes from. Drop down the hole now and use cupcakes to reach the prize bubbles and the key above. Remember that you can shoot a cupcake into one of the purple balls to destroy them.
  22. Jump to the platform in the background at the end of the conveyor belt and continue to the next checkpoint.
  23. Carefully jump over the first gap and then place two cupcakes on the ceilings next to the funnel above. More prize bubbles will drop for you to claim.
  24. Jump on the left part of the scale and shoot a cupcake in the air so it lands on the right side. Jump right when you reach the top of the scale so you can grab the three prize bubbles above.
  25. Continue a bit more to the right to complete the level.

Currant Affairs

  1. From the start, head to the right of the start point and press up to get into the background plane. Head left and you’ll find a ramp that leads you to three prize bubbles.
  2. Head right and carefully move along the platform, making note of the blue light. If it touches you, you’re dead. In order to get the prize bubbles, you’ll need to get a running start.
  3. Bounce off the pad and swing across the gap to reach the next platform and checkpoint. Run into the next enemy’s weakspot when it turns over and continue heading forward.
  4. Head across the dangerous electrical platform below and pause at the next checkpoint.
  5. Carefully time your jumps between the tesla coils and pause again at the next checkpoint.
  6. Jump over the bounce pad up ahead to grab the prize bubble and then bounce up when it is safe. Head all the way across the large platform to grab two prize bubbles and then drop down.
  7. When you reach the next checkpoint, notice the hole in the fence behind it. Jump through the hole and you’ll reach a secret area with a bounce pad and several Prize Bubbles above and to the right.
  8. Head right past the checkpoint and carefully make your way along the electrified ground. Don’t go too fast or too slow, or you’ll either end up jumping into the electricity, or letting the electricity catch up to you. Jump on the tops of the enemies as you’re bouncing to collect the prize bubbles along the way.
  9. Get on the elevators to the right and make sure to jump at the top of the second one to reach a couple of prize bubbles. Timing matters if you want to get the one at the very top.
  10. If you’re riding solo, ignore the switch and continue on. If you’ve got a friend, try your hand at the cooperative puzzle.
  11. Cooperative Puzzle – Two Players For this puzzle, both players must control a switch and guide the electricity to the top.
  12. Head right and check behind the checkpoint for three more prize bubbles before proceeding.
  13. Swing across the gap and then hop into another hole before the checkpoint to find a bunch of hidden prize bubbles.
  14. Move your way from right to left, running into the enemies when they expose their vulnerable spots. When you reach the top, jump on the bounce pad and destroy the three weakspots to defeat the large enemies. Bounce to grab the three prize bubbles above.
  15. Head right to the next checkpoint and then run to the left to fall down the steps and find a pair of prize bubbles below.
  16. Head right and wait on the safe platform that keeps jumping up when the electricity goes under it. Use these to make your way upward, making sure to collect the two prize bubbles off to the left, until you reach the next checkpoint at the top.
  17. Run across the platforms before they pop you up into the electricity above and then use the last one to jump up to the platform above. Keep on heading left past the crushers and then jump on to the platform hanging off the side of the last crusher.
  18. Use this to jump to the top of the crushers and you’ll be able to let the platforms throw you up to the very top, while collecting prize bubbles along the way.
  19. Bounce from enemy to enemy as you work your way to the right. When you reunite with Leonardo, pull the plug to complete the level.

Kling Klong

  1. This level is actually a three stage boss battle. Hop into the elevator at the start to move on to phase 1.
  2. For the first phase, all you have to do jump over two blasts of electricity that crawl across the floor, and then throw a cake at the boss’s weakspot once it becomes exposed.
  3. Head into the elevator once again to move on to phase two.
  4. Next the boss is going to shoot a volley of projectiles that will bounce around the room. Usually you can get away with just running right next to the boss and you’ll never get hit. Make sure to have a cake ready so you can throw one into the boss’s weakspot when it opens its mouth.
  5. For phase three, the boss will fire three lasers. One at the top, one at the middle and one at the bottom of the stage. After he fires the three lasers, the boss will open its mouth. It will never mix up its tactic, so it’s pretty easy to avoid as long as you know where the lasers are coming from.
  6. After the third and final hit in phase 3, the boss will go down.

Chapter 3 – The Factory of a Better Tomorrow

Maximum Security

  1. Right from the start, jump behind the rocks to the left of the start point to find an obscured prize bubble.
  2. Head to the right now and you’ll find a large number of prize bubbles next to a bounce pad.
  3. Head down the hill and head left into the wall to find a hidden prize bubble. Once you get it, follow the SackBots up and head past the checkpoint into the hole in the wall to find another hidden prize bubble.
  4. Grab the grappling hook and start bouncing to the left.
  5. There are four prize bubbles in this next section. One at the bottom, one in plain sight in the middle being held up by chains, one at the top left, and one at the very top. The last one is the hardest to get. You need to build up a lot of momentum by grappling the point below it and swing yourself so you can land on the platform above.
  6. Continue right past the checkpoint and grapple across until you’re able to drop down into a bunch of point bubbles.
  7. When you emerge from the blocks, bounce to the left and grab hold of the switch. Head through the gate and grab the two prize bubbles further to the left.
  8. Now head right and activate the checkpoint to send the elevator up.
  9. Continue heading right past the giant phone and drop down to grab the Grabinator once again.
  10. Flip the switch to release a group of SackBots. These guys are afraid of you for now, so whenever you approach them, they will run away.
  11. Use the bounce pads near the switch to collect the prize bubbles in the air, then herd the SackBots to the right.
  12. Keep on chasing the SackBots across the gaps until they’re able to jump into a transport tube.
  13. Activate the next checkpoint and then pick up and throw a SackBot at the red switch above to open the nearby gate.
  14. Head past the next checkpoint and jump to the platform up ahead with the prize bubble. Jump across and grab the switch to lower a platform with a red button. Press the button release more SackBots.
  15. Herd them to the right and they’ll eventually get sucked up by a green transport tube.
  16. Head rightward and use the bounce pad at the end to collect the prize bubble suspended in the air. Bounce up to the top platform now and destroy the enemy that awaits.
  17. Make your way to the top to reach a new checkpoint and then drop down to press the red switch.
  18. Chase the SackBots into the orange tube, but before you go in, bounce off the pad to your right and aim for the pad on the wall. You’ll bounce off and collect the two hard-to-reach prize bubbles suspended in the air.
  19. Head down the tube and grab the swinging switch above the sackbots to push them toward the foreground. Try to chase some of them to the right so you can grab one and toss it at the switch. Doing so will open a gate and give you access to a bunch of Prize Bubbles.
  20. Head left and drop down to the checkpoint. Head right and bounce up the bounce pads to find a hidden Prize Bubble.
  21. Chase the SackBots off the edge to the left and then drop down and throw one up to the bounce pad to the left. Once it bounces and hits the switch on the ceiling enough times, a platform will drop. Chase the SackBots back up, then back to the left and get them to jump across the platform.
  22. Head left to the checkpoint and the SackBots will freeze in fear in front of the electrified floor. Jump on the bounce pad in the background to grab a prize bubble, then throw the platform the bounce pads are on into the pit.
  23. Chase the SackBots onto the bounce pad and follow them up.
  24. Drop into the orange tube and flip the switch for more SackBots when you emerge.
  25. Time to play a little SackBot basketball. Throw three SackBots over the wall and the platform you’re standing on will lower.
  26. Continue heading left, making sure to leave no SackBot behind and keep an eye out for the sign in the background with the x2 on it.
  27. Cooperative Puzzle – 2 Players: For this puzzle, you need to have one player pick up the other and bounce off the bounce pad, then throw them to the higher platform on the left.
  28. Once you finish the cooperative puzzle, head left, turn in all of your SackBots, and hopefully you’ll get the top prize if you managed to get through with 15 of them.

Pipe Dreams

  1. NOTE: Come back to play this level again once you get the Red Fist sticker. Place it on the cardboard outline to the left of the start point and you’ll get access to a Grabinator, which will help you collect more prize bubbles.
  2. Use the bounce pad in the middle to reach the switch up top and release your friendly SackBots. Check behind the red arm for a Prize Bubble before you proceed.
  3. Head right across the smashes, being careful not to allow yourself or your followers to get crushed.
  4. Bounce up and grab the next two switches to release more SackBots and then continue heading right.
  5. Grab the switch connected to the chain to get pulled up and then run across the smashers so you can drop back down and pull the switch to invite your SackBot friends over.
  6. Head through the gate and throw a SackBot at the platform the prize bubbles are resting on if you have the grabinator. If not, continue heading right.
  7. Head through the orange tube and follow the arrows down to the next checkpoint.
  8. Grab the two prize bubbles under the second crusher, then jump on top of them to reach the next platform. Be careful not to remain on top for too long or the spikes will kill you.
  9. Drop down and take out the fire spitting enemy with the two weakspots on its midsection. Continue heading right to clear a checkpoint, then drop down to take care of another enemy.
  10. Bounce up and continue heading right to reach another checkpoint. Pull the platforms to the right out so the green tube can be completed, allowing you to reunite with your SackBots.
  11. Head right and pull the switch for more SackBots. Head through the next gate and toss a SackBot on to the bounce pads if you have the Grabinator. Otherwise, continue heading right.
  12. Use the bounce pads to get up to the switch and flip it to bring down the platform. Make sure all of your SackBots follow you up and you don’t leave any behind.
  13. Head up the slanted platform and throw a SackBot into the platform overhead if you have the Grabinator for a prize bubble. Otherwise, just keep on moving.
  14. Head past the checkpoint and your SackBots will enter a green tube. Continue moving and you’ll spot a bounce pad and a cooperative puzzle just beyond.
  15. Use the bounce pads to make it to the top, but be careful. The bounce pads that are close together are in danger of being smashed. Do not rush yourself.
  16. Once you reach the top you’ll collect a key to unlock a new level. Head left to find two prize bubbles, then head right.
  17. Pull the first and last switches to “throw up the horns” on the fist in the background. Continue through the gate to the checkpoint and then drop down.
  18. Look before you drop down this orange pipe. Not only do you need to concentrate on not missing it and hitting the flaming ground, but you also want to try to get one of the two prize bubbles below.
  19. Drop down all the way to the bottom to check how many SackBots you have and receive the appropriate award. Once you collect your earned prize bubbles, head to the right to finish the level.

Bang For Buck

  1. Again, if you have the red fist sticker, you can place it to the left of the start point. If you do, you’ll gain access to a creationator that lets you shoot bombs.
  2. Head right and don’t pause or you’ll get shot down by the turret. Press the switch at the bottom to cause a bomb to drop. Pick it up before it hits the ground and throw it against the wall to the right.
  3. Do the same for the next wall, except this time with a timed explosion.
  4. Drop down and continue heading right (unless you have a creationator, in which case head left and use it to clear up some of the obstacles to grab more prize bubbles.)
  5. Use the next few bombs to break open the wall to the right and cause a ramp to drop. Head beyond the ramp to find a pair of prize bubbles.
  6. Head up the ramp and then try to time your bounces on the bounce pad so you get past the fire blowing turrets.
  7. Grab a bomb when you reach the top and then run to the right. Wait for the moving wall to start moving away, then run into the small little alcove to wait for it to move past you again.
  8. Throw the bomb at the wall and continue heading right. Use the bounce pads to reach the next checkpoint. Be sure to check behind the checkpoint for a prize bubble.
  9. Grab hold of one of the bombs and let it take you to the next platform. Let go and use the bounce pad to reach another prize bubble before jumping back down and grabbing hold of the bomb again.
  10. Let go when you reach the platform and then into the wall to the right. Try to jump over the gap to reach a secret area where you’ll find a prize bubble.
  11. Drop down and activate the checkpoint before proceeding. Have the turrets follow you so you can destroy the blocks covering the two prize bubbles. Once you get them, drop down through the middle
  12. For this next part, you need to get the turret to destroy the two blocks connecting the two bridges. Doing so will cause the bridges to fall, giving you a ramp to walk up on the right side. Once you finish that, you’ll be able to head through the level connector and reach part 2.
  13. Head right and use the bounce pad to grab the object on the chain above to release the SackBots.
  14. These lecherous SackBots will only move when you open the box with Luscious Lucy inside. The first box you need to open is just to the right.
  15. Head right to the next object hanging from the platform and grab on to it to pull the platform down. Let go and use the bounce pad to bounce back up.
  16. Pull the next switch to bring the SackBots over, then pull the switch to the right of that to call down a couple of more SackBots.
  17. Head across the spinning platform when the non electrified side is exposed and b

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