Lord of the Rings Online Update 6 Preview

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Posted on March 9, 2012, Ron Whitaker Lord of the Rings Online Update 6 Preview

Lord of the Rings Online has been creating a bit of buzz lately, announcing a new expansion and all the goodies that come along with it. To prepare their players for the launch of the Riders of Rohan expansion, Turbine is rolling out Update 6, which will introduce the Great River region next Monday, March 12.

The Great River lies between the Golden Wood of Lothlorien and the Wilds of Rohan. If you’re a fan of the Peter Jackson movies, you’ll remember this area as the one the Fellowship bypassed in boats from Lorien. Fans of the Tolkien novels will recall that this area was once home to the Gardens of the Entwives before they were driven away by the threat of Sauron. Now that you know where it is, let’s talk about what’s in the update.

First off, Turbine is continuing their outstanding epic story. As players take their first steps into the wilds of Rohan and the borders of Lorien, they’ll be dealing with the Rohirrim, the Great Eagles, and a host of filthy Easterlings. But the new Book is just the start of what players can expect from this update.


New Zones

Much of the Great River region is an invasion route for the Easterlings, the men from the unknown East who allied themselves with Sauron. You’ll encounter them often. Update 6 brings a number of new zones in this region to the game, including some whose names you should recognize.

  • Ruins of Parth Celebrant: These ruins are from an earlier age when the Men of Gondor dwelt in the lands between the River Limlight and the woods of Lorien.
  • Cuthstan: Cuthstan is the location of the memorial to the agreement between the Men of Gondor and the Éothéod, who then became the Rohirrim.
  • Wailing Hills: While we didn’t get to see much of this area, we did get to meet Landroval, one of the Great Eagles who players will be assisting.
  • Limlight Gorge: Running alongside the Great River, the Limlight Gorge marks the return of something not seen in LotRO since Shadows of Angmar: an entire zone that requires a fellowship. P{opulated by Elite Master trolls and similar mobs, you’ll want to bring friends along.
  • Rushgore: A marshy, swampy zone filled with wildlife and hidden Easterlings who want to remove you from the landscape.
  • The Brown Lands: Home to The Garden of the Entwives, the Brown Lands are a dead zone, ravaged by the evil of Sauron. The Rohirrim maintain an outpost here, although they may regret that decision.

New Instance

It wouldn’t be a full-fledged LotRO update without a new instance, and Update 6 has that base covered with a new 6-player instance, Roots of Fangorn. It’s a dark, dank cave full of orcs and other foul things. The atmosphere is somewhat claustrophobic, as the roots of Fangorn’s trees protrude from the ceiling and dangle overhead. After battling through a variety of trash mobs, you’ll face off against a giant spider at the end.

Continue reading to learn about the new Wallet and other Mechanical updates!

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