LucasArts: Star Wars 1313 Is a “Linear, Crafted Roller Coaster Ride”

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Posted on June 7, 2012, Mark Burnham LucasArts: Star Wars 1313 Is a “Linear, Crafted Roller Coaster Ride”

I caught up with Star Wars 1313 Creative Director Dominic Robilliard at E3 earlier today, and and gathered some information about the game‘s combat, setting and technology (full video interview coming soon).

What we knew going into the interview was very little–the game is set on Coruscant, you play as a bounty hunter (character not yet revealed), it’s “mature,” and it’s a third-person action game.

But what sort of a third-person action game? Here’s what Robilliard had to say about how much freedon you have in Star Wars 1313, which he revealed without the necessity of a Force Choke.

Mark Burnham: How much freedom will the player have to roam Coruscant, explore and take quests? Or is it going to be more of a guided experience?

Dominic Robilliard: This version of the game is definitely going to be more along that linear path. It’s more of a crafted roller coaster ride. You’re not going to have much freedom where you go location-wise, but again within those levels you will have more freedom than you might expect.

There you have it. I have to say, it seems like a bit of a shame to have a game set in Coruscant–a dangerous, seedy metropolis full of colorful criminals–and then not be able to freely explore it, take bounty jobs, get into trouble, wander into bars with a chip on your shoulder, etc.

Or am I way off? Let us know in the comments–would Star Wars 1313 be more appealing if it were more of an open-world game?

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