Mario comes to the city early in this GTA IV mod

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

There's no doubt that Super Mario Odyssey, a sort of Mario 64 meets Sonic Unleashed affair, was one of the more interesting games announced at the recent Nintendo Switch press conference - but you can now replicate Mario running around realistic city environments thanks to this new GTA IV mod.

Sonic's taken a bit of a bashing over the years for mixing realistic worlds and NPC's together with cartoonish characters, so it'll be interesting to see if Nintendo come in for the same criticism with their new AAA Mario title. As that release is still some time away, though, this hilarious new GTA IV mod puts Mario into Liberty City, inspired directly by the new Odyssey game.

It's pretty funny watching Mario fall flat on his face every time he tries to do his signature jump, get hunted by police and finally turn to drink in the above video, but it does serve in my mind to exaggerate the problem of putting wildly fictional characters into realistic settings.

Sonic Unleashed had a similar principle to Odyssey; Sonic takes off on a world adventure visiting worlds portraying different regions, such as China, Europe, the Middle-East and yes, even a New York style city. That game had good gameplay mechanics, but suffered criticism due to it's blending of styles (and that terrible Warehog...)

Mario may be in for the same fate, although some of the environments in the new game don't seem to be quite as bad as Unleashed, it's fair to say that the city-based level is the most jarring of them all.

Although arguably, it does fit Mario's downtown Brooklyn accent, I suppose.

If you want to download the mod, you can click here.

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