Marvel's Avengers player numbers have dropped quickly

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Marvel's Avengers released just over a month ago, but despite reaching a peak of 200,000 concurrent players soon after launch, new stats from SteamDB show that very quickly fell, with the game now sitting at a steady 1,000-2,000 players at any one time.

It's not unusual for the initial buzz around a game to suddenly drop off, however - but the sharp decline here is a little more extreme than you would usually expect to see. Unfortunately, it's creating a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, with matchmaking currently taking a fair time due to the lack of online players.

It seems Crystal Dynamics isn't too worried just yet, though - studio head Scot Amos, speaking to Kotaku, stated that they had new additions coming "In the weeks ahead" that should help revitalize the game, including brand-new missions, and a brand new outpost, among other additions. 

We're confident that we'll see PC players (as well as those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) return to the game, as we add exciting new late-game content and demonstrate that we continue to be focused on improving the game.

There are new characters on the way too, and there'll be a new "community communication initiative" launching. Crystal Dynamics has promised to share more details on what's coming for the game in a new blog post next week.

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