Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trophies

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Posted on January 31, 2011, Ben Richardson Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trophies

The Marvel vs. Capcom series is now on its third installment, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds promises a plethora of opportunities to have you favorite fictional pugilists duke it out. If you’re successful, you’ll earn some of these trophies. We also have a list of Xbox 360 achievements, if that’s what you’re after. You can also check out a cheats page, which is a centralized resource of information about the game, including things like unlockables and unlockable characters.

Bronze Trophies

Passed the Field Test — Clear 160 missions in Mission mode.
Welcome to Avengers Academy! — Clear 80 missions in Mission mode.
Back at ‘Cha!  — Perform 10 successful Crossover Counters. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Excelsior!  — Perform 10 Team Aerial Combos. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Be Gone! — Perform 10 Snap Backs. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Mega Buster  — Use 1,000 Hyper Combo Gauge bars. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Ultimate Nullifier  — Perform 30 successful Advancing Guards. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Playtime Is Over  — Surpass the rank of Amateur.
Saving My Quarters — Beat Arcade mode without using any continues.

Master of Fate  — Unlock all achievements.
I Buy the Issues  — View one ending in Arcade mode.
World Warrior  — Earn 5,000 Player Points (PP).
Brusin’ Bruce  — Land an Incredible Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Average Joe — Land a Viewtiful Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

Brave New World  — Participate in any mode on Xbox LIVE.
Steel Battalion  — Block 100 times. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Fate of the Satsui no Hadou — Decide who is the true master of the fist in a Xbox LIVE match.
Copy This!  — Put an end to this game of spider and fly in a Xbox LIVE match.
Raccoon City Incident — Settle things between former S.T.A.R.S. members in a Xbox LIVE match.
Passport to Beatdown Country  — Fight in all of the stages.
Need a Healing Factor  — Win a match without blocking. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

School for the Gifted  — Get a 5 game win streak in Ranked Match.
A Hero Stands Alone  — Win a match without calling your partners or switching out. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

Who Will Answer the Call?— Participate in an 8 player Lobby on Xbox LIVE.
Duty and Deus Ex Machina  — Make a match on Xbox LIVE between a national hero and a killing machine a reality.
Avengers Assemble! — Make a team composed of the Big 3 and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Turn the Tables  — Land a Team Aerial Counter in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Wreak “Havok” — Use X-Factor in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Badds to the Bone — Make a team of three who have altered their bodies, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Whose Side Are You On? — Bring about an end to the Civil War in a Xbox LIVE match.
Fate of Two Worlds  — Make a match on Xbox LIVE between the marquee characters for this game a reality.
Female Flyers — Make a team composed of women who can fly, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Darkstalkers — Make a team composed of those who dwell in the darkness, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Weapon X — Make a team composed of Weapon-X test subjects, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

Silver Trophies

Herculean Task — Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.

Follow these game settings to finish Very Hard mode:

  • Use “Simple” Operation Mode.
  • Choose Taskmaster
  • Set difficulty to Very Hard
  • Sset time limit to 30 seconds
  • Set damage to highest.
  • Constantly press ‘Y‘ or ‘Triangle’ to fire Taskmaster’s long range shots.
  • Press ‘B‘ or ‘Circle’ to fire Taskmaster’s Hyper when your opponent gets close. Switch characters if Galactus grabs you.

Champion Edition Hero  — Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP).
Charles in Charge  — Land an Uncanny Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Super Turbo Brawler — Earn 100,000 Player Points (PP).
Leading the Charge  — Surpass the rank of Fighter.
Combat Specialist  — In Ranked Match, surpass the “1st” class rank, or fight someone who has.
A New Avenger — Clear 320 missions in Mission mode.
Big Bang Theory — Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finishes.(Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Full Roster  — Battle against all characters in a Xbox LIVE match.
One Step Ahead  — Land 50 First Attacks in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
Galactic Smasher — Perform 30 Crossover Combination Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

Gold Trophies

Waiting for the Trade — View all endings in Arcade mode.
Comic Collector — Unlock all items in the Gallery.

Platinum Trophy

Master of Fate – Obtain all trophies.

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