Mass Effect 2 Space Mining Gets Optimized

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Posted on May 18, 2010, Phil Owen Mass Effect 2 Space Mining Gets Optimized

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BioWare has put out a patch for Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360 (PC patch is coming later), and this bit of news caught our attention because among the variety of typical tech fixes is this item: “Scanning for minerals has been optimized.” What that means is after the jump.

I booted up my Xbox to try it out, and whoa, man. The scanner now moves very quickly, and the scanner itself is much larger, at least twice the size of the scanner pictured above. Talk about streamlining.

As someone who as completed the game four times*, I can’t help but wonder why BioWare only now made the change; I could have avoided many a night devoted solely to space mining had this patch come earlier. And, too, people have been complaining about the mining since the game came out. But whatever. For those who want to know what else is in the patch, read on.

*This sounds like a lot, but I completed Mass Effect nine times, so it really isn’t that extreme for me.

Patch updates:

  • Scanning for minerals has been optimized
  • Fixed an issue with marking all entries as viewed in the Journal
  • Fixed an issue relating to text and the menu screen
  • Fixed an issue relating to players starting a new game and loading a save
  • Fixed multiple issues when loading a save containing DLC when DLC isn’t present
  • Fixed an issue with ammo flashing when it can’t be picked up
  • Fixed an issue with crosshairs
  • Fixed an issue with Grunt’s Fortification power
  • Fixed an issue with enemies and cover
  • Fixed an issue where players could receive additional talent points
  • Fixed an issue where squad members would overwrite ammo powers the player had assigned them

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