Mass Effect 3: How to Transfer Your ME 2 Save From Xbox 360 to PC

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Posted on March 5, 2012, CJ Miozzi Mass Effect 3: How to Transfer Your ME 2 Save From Xbox 360 to PC

UPDATE [03/06/2012]: Game Front staff have verified that this works. Follow the instructions carefully, and enjoy!

If you’re hoping to play Mass Effect 3 on PC, but your old Saved Game from Mass Effect 2 is on Xbox 360, then here’s a handy process that allows you to export your 360 save and use it with your PC copy.

While this isn’t official, it’s also not a “crack,” so don’t worry about your account being banned.

  1. First, you’ll need a flash drive. Insert the drive into your Xbox 360 and let the console format the drive.
  2. Move your Mass Effect 2 saved game onto the flash drive. Note: moving the file essentially cut-pastes it into the flash drive, rather than copy-pasting it. This means the flash drive will now contain the only copy of your saved game.
  3. Insert the flash drive into your computer and open it in Windows Explorer.
  4. Set Windows to display hidden folders by accessing the “Tools” menu, then “Folder Options.” Click the tab that says “View,” then scroll down and select the option that says “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.” Click “Ok.”
  5. Download the Xbox 360 XTAF Explorer. Extract the .exe from the .zip and run the program.
  6. In XTAF, go up to “File”, then select “Open Usb Manually” and select the “Xbox360″ folder on your flash drive.
  7. Click on “Data Partition,” then “Content.” A list of random numbers and letters should appear. Click on each one. Each one should open another list of random characters. Each of those should in turn contain a few files. Open up all these until no more will open.
  8. Scroll down until you find your Mass Effect 2 Saves, then right click on them and select”Extract.” Save these files to your hard drive.
  9. Take note of the exact character file, and write it down. It will look something like this: Badass_32_Infiltrator_180910. This is important, and you’ll need it later.
  10. Download this program. Extract the .exe from the .zip and run it.
  11. In the application, open the Quick Actions menu and select “Open A Save.” Navigate to the save file you extracted and select it. At the top of the new window that opens, click the “File Contents” tab. There should be a list of all the saves tied to the Campaign Career you extracted, including all Chapter Saves and Auto Saves. From there select the individual save you would like to convert and right click on it, select “Extract File,” and save it to your hard drive.
  12. Write down the exact name of the save file you are extracting. It would look something like Save_0135.xbsav. You will need that later.
  13. Register an account on this website, then login.
  14. Select “My Saves” at the top, then click the “Choose File” button. Navigate to the individual save file you extracted and click “Upload”.
  15. The file should now appear under “My saves” at the top of the screen. From there, select “PC Export” and the converted file will automatically download.
  16. The file will download with a name like: SaveExport.pcsav. Now, change the file name so it matches how it was extracted from Modio. In this example, you’d rename the file to Save_0135.pcsav. Make sure you keep the extension as “pcsav”
  17. Assuming you do not have Mass Effect 2 on your PC, create the following directory: DocumentsBioWareMass Effect 2SaveBadass_32_Infiltrator_180910. That final directory needs to exactly match the title of your character save, what you downloaded from Xbox 360 XTAF Explorer.
  18. Move the specific save file (in our example Save_0135.pcsav) into that directory.
  19. Fire up Mass Effect 3. Select “New Game,” then “Import ME2 Character.” You should see your ME2 character there. Follow the wizard. Enjoy!

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