Mass Effect 3's ending finally fixed in Priority: Earth – Overhaul Mod

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 4 months ago

We're a bit notorious here at GameFront when it comes to Mass Effect 3's ending, being as we were the first publication to call out the ending and criticise it for what it was, a bit of a hot ball of mess. In the backlash that followed, the ending was subsequently tweaked and amended in an update, but even then it was never truly satisfactory to many fans of the series.

It's worth bringing attention to the mod Priority: Earth Overhaul then, created by a team of people including Orikon, who was recently interviewed by PCGamesN and asked about his motivations behind creating the mod.

like most people, I had issues with ME3’s ending. But when I say ‘ending’, I don’t mean just the Catalyst. It’s the final mission too.

We can't help but agree, the entire game felt like it fell flat during the final mission, especially given how enjoyable the game's story was up until that point, it just felt like the payoff simply wasn't there. It's almost like the train suddenly ground to a halt, like the writers got drunk and gave up, or simply ran out of time.

But as he goes on to explain in the article, this is only one aspect of the issue, the other is the gameplay itself, with problems in the execution of missions, cutscenes, music and effects, as well as technical problems such as the small areas which are constantly trigger loading screens from area to area.

So here's to hoping that with some extra publicity this mod can get off the ground, it's currently unavailable for download due to a DMCA takedown by EA and Take-Two, but the team are not letting this get them down, and are currently trying to get approval for a release.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer above.

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4 months ago by Plokite_Wolf

"due to a DMCA takedown by EA and Take-Two"

The fuck does Take-TWo have to do with anything?

4 months ago by FileTrekker

The mod uses music that belongs to those two companies.

4 months ago by Mikey

That's unfortunate :/

Surely they could remove the music and re-launch