Mass Effect modder restores butt shots to Legendary Edition

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

There's an interesting twist to this story - a new mod for the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect, which restores the now-missing butt shots that were present in the original - has been created by the same modder who created a mod that removed them from the original.

With me so far? Good. It's the work of Scottina123, a modder who originally removed the scenes in a mod for the original game back in 2018, stating that "the camera positioning for Miranda's pre-loyalty mission always annoyed me," and that "all the camera does, by focusing on her behind, is sexualize her in a key point of character development." 

It's interesting then that Scottina123 has now created a mod for the newly released Legendary Edition that does the exact opposite. BioWare removed the shots in the re-release given their generally inappropriate nature. They don't make any sense for the scene either, with Miranda and Shepherd talking about their concern or the safety of her family, it's a little weird to be honest.

Scottina123's decision to do the opposite this time around is perhaps a little odd then, with no real explanation other than "very simple mod that restores the butt shots that Bioware removed." It's good to give people the choice though, I suppose.

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