Mass Effect's original developers are returning for the new game

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

The next Mass Effect is officially in development, with the first trailer dropping at The Game Awards this week - but many fans have shown understandable concern - it's been so long since the original trilogy of games, will the new team be taking the franchise in an entirely new direction> Will it live up to its legacy?

Well, there's no reason to be concerned according to project director Michael Gamble - in a series of tweets, Gamble talked about some of the series' original developers who are working on the new game, many of whom have returned to work on the new game. 

Some of the names mentioned by Gamble include original art director Derek Watts, Brenon Holmes, who worked on the original gameplay systems, and Parrish Ley, who was the cinematic director on the original trilogy.

So that's a fair number of OG team members in key positions - something that gives me even more hope of a return to form for Mass Effect with this new game. This isn't an entirely new team entering the fray here. 

It's especially important following the recent shock departure of Casey Hudson, who was the project director on the original Mass Effect games. Hudson left unexpectedly along with Dragon Age exec Mark Darrah just a week ago. 

The direction of this new game is interesting from what we can tell so far - it appeared as though Liara will be in the game - and the appearance of both the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies seems to imply that both the game will be a sequel addressing lore from the entire series of games so far.

It's all speculation of course, but it'll be interesting to see where this one goes. Stay tuned to GameFront for more as we learn it.

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