Master of Orion Update v51.2 Adds Mod Support

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

We just surpassed the 20th anniversary of the famous "Master of Orion" franchise, and NGD Studios - the team behind the newest Master of Orion game - have decided to release a huge new update. 

The changelog is quite sizable, but some of the highlights include improved AI, pollution mechanics and gravity mechanics. Oh! And mod support. That's right - mod support! One of the most iconic 4X strategy franchises out there now has a game with official mod support!

At the current time, you can only change YAML and CSV files. It's a fairly restricted scope. YAML files control variables in the game, while the CSV files function as localization containers. It's unknown whether they intend to allow for further modification, but it's certainly a good start.

The modding document also notes that the GOG build of the game fully supports mods as well, though obviously it doesn't support the Steam Workshop for distribution. That said, it does openly give people permission to upload and distribute modifications through third party websites, rendering the Steam Workshop little more than a convenience.

You can see the full design document here.

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