Maxis’ SimCity Reddit AMA Backfires Hilariously

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Posted on December 18, 2012, Ross Lincoln Maxis’ SimCity Reddit AMA Backfires Hilariously

As I noted last summer, SimCity might be based on a brilliant engine, but adding built in problems like always-on DRM and no true single player option breaks the game. I know I can’t be the only longtime fan of the series who feels this way, but apparently, EA and Maxis never bother venturing beyond the safety of approved feedback outlets. At some point, we will just have to assume that EA HQ is a giant, soundproof building with no windows and no Internet connection, because it’s either that, or the most incredible hubris on Earth that makes them think that hosting a Reddit AMA on the subject of SimCity, the upcoming relaunch of the classic series, could possibly turn out well for them.

“We are working hard putting the finishing touches on SimCity launching March 5 for PC! You can ask us almost anything and would love to talk to you about our exciting new multi-city play where you can control a region of cities that interact with each other, alone or with friends,” Maxis said on Reddit a few days ago. Invitation accepted, Reddit thought, and let them have it with furious vengeance. Here’s are samples from the top 200 comments:

“Please just make it playable offline -___-” -PumpkinLatte
“This is why people make cracks and sales get barfed over to TPB.” -secretchimp
“…it just doesn’t make sense that a company is so deaf to their hardcore fans opinions.” -Metallican
“why the need to FORCE this type of gameplay? multiplayer should be optional, there are many people that just want to build cities by themselves… i seriously don’t understand this decision.” -xYOLOSWAG4JESUS420x
“…my heart cried out in despair when I learned that you plan on making it rely on the worst DRM method ever, and we can’t have offline single-player. I’m sorry, but I won’t be paying money for a game that does that.” -FixLag

This is my personal favorite:

“Go tell your DRM team that they just lost another sale. I know it isn’t your fault, I know if you guys had a choice it wouldn’t be this way…but let them know. Show them this thread if you have to, say “this is what paying customers think about your DRM.”" -InfamousBLT

This thread is just one of many that overwhelmingly show how much people hate what EA is doing with SimCity. Rest assured though that it will matter not. EA and Maxis will almost certainly react by simply avoiding critical backtalk. And why blame them? At this point, they’d have to scrap the game entirely in order to deliver an experience fans of the series actually want.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that SimCity is going to tank. That will either kill the series, and prevent it from being ruined further, or it’ll snap Maxis and EA awake and make them realize that ruining the core experience only serves to drive core fans away.

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