Merry Christmas From FileFront!

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It's that time again folks! Bust out the eggnog, the presents, and the annoying in-laws and enjoy another merry Christmas! If you are not celebrating Christmas, may you have a very happy holiday! The news post this year is filled with holiday cheer, including a free game! Now, now, I know all of you have been good boys and girls this year, so I will tell you about a juicy offer EA has. Head over [url="http://www.ea.com/redalert/news-detail.jsp?id=62"]here[/url] to download your own free copy of the original Red Alert, which is arguably the best RTS ever made. Enjoy comrades! You know myself (and Santa) are RTS fans, I couldn't help sharing the info! :cool: If your not a RTS fan, fear not! I have whipped something else for you that you better enjoy! :) Just so you know: Jeff = n0e Ron = Demonseed Charlie = c_tech/ffcb
A FileFront Christmas The children couldn't sleep, they thought Santa was near. They eagerly waited for his reindeer. They heard a knock at the door and ran on over, But it was just Hfx-Rebel that pulled up in his Land Rover. He has a shovel of dirt and let himself in, The look on his face couldn't help but make you grin. He put the dirt down and blocked the chimney, He said, "Watch out kids, Ronnie is the enemy!" The kids looked grim and then they said, "Where is Santa, is he dead?" Rebel was quiet, then looked around, He said, "No, but Ronnie locked him underground." Rebel looked down and then he said, "We can get Santa now, as long as it is before ten!" The kids jumped up in glee and woke the father up; Jeff came out and gave Rebel a shout: "Rebel, what are you doing here?" He said. "Oh nothing, I just couldn't go to bed." Jeff scorned Rebel while the kids mourned When suddenly Ronnie busted through the dirt with a Santa hat on! Rebel was shocked and yelled, "Get Ronnie! He is the killer of Christmas and is going to hell!" Ronnie looked angry and said, "No, it wasn't me, It is Danny who holds all the keys." Jeff was confused and Rebel pouted, But Ronnie knew all about it and shouted: "We have to get Danny before it is too late, he will get Ron's help, that is surely his fate." Jeff looked tired and just wanted to go to bed. Rebel had a flask and nodded once at Ronnie, He said, "Get me some eggnog and we'll go ahead!" Jeff stayed home with the kids when suddenly Dreadnaught [DK] barged in. He hugged Jeff and then mysteriously left! Rebel and Ronnie were far gone, and got stuck in fog. Ronnie was driving as Rebel has too much Eggnog. Ronnie didn't say much, although Rebel was still happy. Ronnie got them there quick; he made it snappy! Danny was standing with Santa as he cried, "All the children are waiting for me, I must fly!" That's when Rebel and Ronnie busted in and caused a fuss, But it was too late, Ron was there - it looked like a bust. Rebel and Ronnie asked what was going on, and Ron looked sad He said, "We are getting new sites from Santa, you two shouldn't be mad!" They all had a good laugh, but one thing was clear: It was just another Christmas at FileFront with all the holiday fear!
I didn't include myself and Charlie in this poem because I ran out of ideas, so I made another one...
Charlie and Mr.Funsocks Charlie and Mr.Funsocks are so cool, That when they fix stuff, they don't use tools!
Yes, I know, that was amazing... :p We hope you enjoyed what we have to offer this year - FileFront wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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