Meta Quest 3 brings Mixed Reality this fall for $499

By FileTrekker 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago

Meta, formerly Facebook, unofficially revealed their highly anticipated Meta, formerly Oculus, Quest 3 VR headset. It appears to be packed with groundbreaking features and improvements that could take the virtual reality experience to the next level, with a competitive price tag of just $499, and an expected release in the fall.

One of the most notable advancements in the Quest 3 is its sleek design. The headset will be 40% thinner and more comfortable than its predecessors, ensuring a more enjoyable and immersive. Meta claims it has taken user feedback into account, striving to create a device that can be worn for extended periods without sacrificing comfort.

It also boasts enhanced displays with improved resolution, offering users crisper and more vibrant visuals. The headset will feature a 2x increase in graphics performance, ensuring that games and applications run smoother and with greater graphical fidelity - which I expect will be a significant upgrade in overall visual quality, taking immersion to the next level.

Even more impressive is that the Quest 3 will be fully backwards-compatible with the Quest 2. This means that users who already own a Quest 2 can seamlessly transition to the new headset while enjoying their existing games and experiences library.

Under the hood, the headset will feature a next-generation Snapdragon chipset developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. This powerful hardware will provide the necessary processing capabilities to deliver smooth and responsive VR experiences. Players can expect faster load times, seamless multitasking, and improved overall performance.

One of the most groundbreaking features touted for the Quest 3 is its support for "Meta Reality" technology. This new technology aims to surpass current mixed reality experiences by understanding and responding to objects in physical space. As a result, users can interact with virtual objects more naturally and intuitively, further blurring the line between the virtual and physical worlds.

Accompanying the Meta Quest 3 is the introduction of the Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers. These controllers eliminate the outer tracking rings present in previous iterations and support hand tracking, enabling users to interact more directly and more in virtual environments. The controllers have been redesigned to offer improved ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive grip.

In light of the upcoming release of the Meta Quest 3, Meta has also announced a price reduction for the Quest 2. The 128GB version will be available for $299, while the 256GB version will be priced at $349. This makes the Quest 2 an even more accessible entry point into VR gaming, especially for newcomers.

Meta will be holding the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase later today, which we assume will give a more detailed look at the Meta Quest 3. We'll be sure to update the article with any news or developments.


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