Metal Gear Solid V players unlock extremely rare cutscene

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

At least, players on the PS3 version have managed to do so, by meeting a very difficult to achieve requirement in the game. 

Players in the game are able to develop and stockpile nuclear weaponry to attack other players trying to invade their base and up their PF grade. However, there is a very rare cutscene in the game that is only triggered if every player in a region takes the option to destroy all their nukes, in other words, world disarmament. 

The cutscene has only ever been seen once before, back in 2018, where it was triggered accidentally (the requirement actually hadn't been met) - however, this time, it's for realzies, at least on the PS3 version.

You can see the cutscene that was triggered above. It makes sense this has finally happened on the PS3 version, as it has the smallest playerbase of all the versions right now, being a last (and soon to be last-last) generation console. 

So don't expect this to happen on PC or PS4 any time soon, but here's hoping one day. 


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