Metro: Last Light – How to Get the Best Ending

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 8 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

It’s confirmed. There are two endings in Metro: Last Light, and here we’ll show you how to get the best conclusion available in this stunning survival FPS. Like its predecessor, Metro 2033, Last Light features a hidden morality point system that many players might not notice their first time through. Certain actions will improve the morality score, and you’ll want to gain as much morality as possible to earn the good ending. See our tips below to help put the protagonist Artyom on a better path.

For more help with the campaign, check out Game Front’s Metro: Last Light text & video guide for step-by-step instructions for each chapter, with expert tips from our experienced gaming crew. If its secrets, achievement guides or collectibles you’re looking for, browse over to our list of Metro: Last Light cheats. Last, but not least, we’ve also got a Metro: Last Light visual tweaks guide to help PC players get started right and running at peak performance.

How to Get the Best Ending

To get the best ending in Metro: Last Light, you must complete as many “good” actions as possible in the morality system, while avoiding “bad” actions.

The morality point system is hidden, but there is one obvious sign you’re doing the right thing — a flash a white light.

Throughout the campaign, there are choices and actions that result in morality point gains. Other actions will cause a morality point loss. Check out the list below to see which actions to complete, and which to avoid.

Morality Point System

Work-In-Progress: Not all actions are confirmed. Stick with us as we update the list below with more info. Let us know what else is needed to unlock the Good Ending.

Gain Morality:

Note: Completing all actions listed here is no required to get the best ending, but doing as many as possible will improve chances of unlocking.

  • Sparing Surrendering Soldiers
  • Rescuing Women & Children
  • Listening to NPC Stories
  • Hearing Dialogue in Populated Areas (Exploration)
  • Playing Musical Instruments
  • Be Generous with Bullets (Give to Beggars)
  • Do Exactly What NPCs Instruct (Example: Dark One says a creature is not hostile, do not kill it.)
  • Watch the entire theater show in VENICE
  • Finding Hidden Ammo Caches on QUARANTINE
  • Complete SEPARATION Without Killing Humans
  • Complete FACILITY Without Killing Humans
  • Complete REVOLUTION Without Killing Humans
  • Complete BRIDGE Without Killing Humans
  • Rescue the Women & Children in BANDITS
  • Rescue the prisoners in the Reich Concentration Camp
  • Return the Crying Child’s Teddy Bear in VENICE
  • See all Visions in DEAD CITY and don’t kill the Demons on the rooftop
  • Don’t Kill Pavel or Lesnitsky
  • Shoot the creatures off the Mother Bear Mutant after the boss fight

Lose Morality:

  • Killing Humans
  • Killing Surrendering Soldiers
  • Stealing in Populated Areas
  • Paying for a Lapdance
  • Watching the Striptease

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