Microsoft Flight Simulator Insiders are taking off soon

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

If you're interested in testing out the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator, a reboot of the franchise which utilizes machine learning and Azure cloud computing to power the world's most realistic flight simulator ever, you better get in quick, as sign-ups to be considered will end next week.

Starting October 17th, those who have been successful to join the insider program will get confirmation via e-mail, with a view to the first alpha build being deployed to the insider ring on October the 24th, which will soon be followed up by further testing builds in November.

The game utilizes Bing maps and telemetry data to create a perfect representation of the entire earth, right down to every building, every bridge, even your own house and street. Machine learning has been used to recognise Bing map data and use it to build a 3D representation of planet earth, including all 1.5 trillion trees (yes, there are that many trees, more than stars in the milky way, apparently....)

The other fascinating aspect is that the game streams this game world to you via the internet using Microsoft's Azure cloud technology. It would be impossible to fit a realistic 3D representation of the entire earth on a domestic hard drive. You can still download specific regions locally to your hard drive for offline play, though.

It's a serious sim, though, with the most realistic flight physics, weather dynamics and aircraft ever seen in a simulator - this isn't just a pet project for streaming worlds - it's a full-on enthusiast and professional grade simulation.

Stay tuned to GameFront for more on the game as the insider program gets underway.


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Chris Cmi

4 years ago

Really a great article and a really good game! I'm an old-time gamer and I enjoy these types of games. I used to play FS many many year ago.Looking forwards to see the next generation, specially the console version.