Microsoft Flight Simulator's latest update seriously boosts performance

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Microsoft Flight Simulator got a major update this past week that has focused on bringing better performance to the game, to coincide with the game's launch on Xbox Series S and X consoles.

The new update has better multi-core CPU support, meaning you'll see way better performance on large core-count processors. Even if that isn't you, though, the game's memory management and general GPU usage have also been fine-tuned, and the game is even boasting faster loading times now.

The update notes also promise a reduction in stutters within the game too, which is welcome. There's one small problem to all this though - some players are claiming that the game's notorious tendency to crash to desktop is rearing its ugly head once again. One player complained on Reddit that while their performance is improved, they can't seem to play longer than a few minutes before the game crashes to desktop.

The good news is a hotfix is apparently now out that promises to fix the crashing problems, which were apparently related to offline AI traffic within the game.


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