Microsoft Flight Simulator's UK revamp is landing next week

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing showcase of modern mapping technology and computer graphics, but it's fair to say that it's AI generation has been, well, a little rough in places. From missing landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, to giant obelisks towering into the sky, it's not perfect. The good news is that the developers are slowly addressing these issues country by country, and next week, it's the UK's turn for some love.

World Update 3 brings new terrain and mapping data for England, Scotland and Wales (although NI is conspicuous in its absence) - as confirmed this past week on the game's official Twitter account. 

The update has been delayed, and was originally due to release in January - but the good news is that there'll be upwards of 60 new landmarks and points of interest added to the game in the new update, with airports such as Liverpool EEGP and Lands End in Cornwall getting some updates. Perhaps most amusing to me is the mention of Manchester Barton being one of the "airports" getting an update - I live very close to Barton, and it's basically a large field with a few small planes on it. I'm not sure how much updating you can do.... 

Apparently, updates to the procedural building methods will allow cathedrals and churches to be more accurately represented for the first time (and the UK has a LOT of Gothic churches, there's at least 3 within walking distance of me alone) - along with 8 other new building types that should add more detail to the landscape.


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