Microsoft has bought up eSports platform Smash.gg

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Microsoft's spending spree in gaming continues it seems - although this time it's not a new studio, but rather eSports platform Smash.gg, who will be joining the Microsoft Content Services group.

If you're unfamiliar with Smash.gg, they provide an all-in-one platform, including organizational support and production for gaming tournaments, both amateur and professional. It launched back in 2015, and now supports over 6,000 events across a range of games.

The company announced the news via a blog on their website, stating;

Today we’re excited to take the next step in that journey by joining Microsoft to help strengthen our existing relationships and explore new opportunities. Smash.gg will continue as a self-service esports platform available to tournament organizers from all game communities.

They went on to answer some questions on Twitter, confirming that the team will get more resources and support as part of Microsoft, but will continue "business as usual" - the MSN Esports account followed this up confirming that it will be the "Same great tournament organization features. Same amazing team."

Ironically, and as the name implies, smash.gg was originally created to facilitate tournaments for Super Smash Bros. - a Nintendo game - but has since gone on to become a huge name in the eSports scene.


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3 years ago

Gee, maybe they could have done something like this when Mixer was still a thing and could have kept it alive!