Microsoft Refunding Minecraft XBLA Players After Split-Screen Problems

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

If you’re one of the many folk who still use a standard definition television and you were hoping to play some Minecraft on your Xbox 360, you might be dismayed to note that it doesn’t quite work. See, the game‘s original Xbox Live Arcade listing failed to note that an HDTV was required in order to utilize the local cooperative feature, leaving those with an old fashioned set in a world of darkness and dismay. Fortunately, the company has copped to its mistake and is refunding money for those affected.

If you purchased the game before its marketplace listing was amended to show the requirement, then you can visit Xbox Support and get yourself your money. Should be pretty easy.

It’s easy to mock anybody playing games on an SDTV these days, but there’s still a significant number of people who do, something that developers and publishers often fail to realize. After all, it’s called “standard” for a reason, and the fact that this was an issue seems to demonstrate that people ought to be a bit more aware that not everybody’s rocking it modern style. I remember when I still had an SDTV and tried to play the original Dead Rising, with its ludicrous tiny text boxes. Might as well have been trying to wank off a mosquito with a boxing glove. That metaphor made more sense in my head.

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