Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast

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Published by GameFront.com 8 years ago , last updated 11 months ago

Posted on November 21, 2011, Ross Lincoln Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast

After 2 days of love and affection between the Mojang people and the Minecraft community, it seems weird to have things end on a sour note, but if word from Mojang’s Notch – AKA the guy who created Minecraft and is the reason Mojang even exists – is true, then it looks like one of Minecon’s participating panelists were something less than professional or cool. The culprit? Yogscast.

Yogscat ran afoul of Notch and parents at Minecon alike when they dropped the f-word during their panel on Saturday. Though laughed off at the time, this apparently was only one of several unfortunate episodes, the rest of which happened behind the scenes, that has caused very bad blood between them and Mojang. Notch to took Twitter today to air it all out, and rather than belabor the point, we’re going to share the whole thing with you, in order.

It’s worth noting that, apparently, the Yogscast guys signed an autograph to a kid with ‘f-you’, only not censored like that.

True story: apparently, everywhere he went during Minecon, Notch was besieged by kids wanting autographs and never turned a single one down. They apparently love him so much they cheered when he came out of a bathroom. That kind of love isn’t something you get because you don’t reciprocate, and Mojang knows it. I know I’m supposed to think Notch is overreacting, but I’m sorry, that sounds incredibly douchey and extremely classless, particularly the F-you to the kid who just wanted an autograph. I realize family-friendly isn’t cool, but it is the essence of Minecraft, and Notch, judging by his behavior at Minecon, takes that extremely seriously.

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