Minecraft 1.6 – How to Tame Horses

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Posted on June 27, 2013, GameFront Staff Minecraft 1.6 – How to Tame Horses

Saddle up, because horses are coming to Minecraft. If you’re tired of riding pigs around town, then you just might want to tame a horse, and we’ve got all the details below. Horses are the fastest mode of travel in vanilla Minecraft, and come with tons of different breeds. All this from DrZhark’s Mo’ Creatures Mod; now officially melded into Minecraft.

There’s more to this update than taming. Grab some pack animals like mules and donkeys, and give them treasure chests so they can carry your stuff from place to place. Craft up armor plating to protect your steed as you ride into battle. Or lasso horses to fence posts to keep these wild animals reigned in. All these new items are included in the info below, with crafting tables showing how to construct every horse-centric item.

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How to Tame Horses

Basic Step-By-Step: How To Tame a Horse

  • 1. Right-click an adult wild horse (Horse, Donkey, or Mule) with empty hands to ride it. You will be kicked off.
  • 2. Keep trying! Each riding attempt will increase your chances of taming the horse.
  • 3. Eventually, the horse will allow you to ride it. Hearts will appear — it is now tame.
  • 4. Tamed horses can be given a saddle. Saddles allow players to control the movement of the horse while riding.
  • 5. Once tamed, horses can equip armor, breed with wheat, and equip chests (mules/donkeys only)

Useful Items & Equipment

  • Saddle: Place by right-clicking a tame horse (mule, donkey, or pig) with the saddle in hand. Saddles allow players to control tame mounts while riding them. They are dropped in dungeons.
  • Horse Armor: Horse armor works just like player armor — it protects your horse. Horse armor has no durability, and can be crafted in Iron, Gold, or Diamond variations. Right-click tamed horses to apply. Horse armor can be found in dungeons, Nether Fortresses, mineshafts, Desert / Jungle temples, and village blacksmith chests.
  • Lead: Leads are ropes that attach animals (or any mobs) to the player. With the lead in-hand, right-click the horse to lead it around. To attach a horse to a fence post, right-click a fence while leading. Doing so requires two leads. Crafting will always result in two leads. Leads will stretch up to ten blocks.
    • How to Build: String (ST) + Slimeball (SB)

Finding Horses

  • Horses are found on Plains biomes, and will sometimes spawn in herds of 4.
  • Donkeys will spawn naturally, but mules will not.
  • Horses (and Donkeys) will enter love mode and breed when fed wheat or golden apples. Wheat can be fed to tamed horses while riding.
  • Mules are produced when breeding a horse with a donkey. Mules cannot breed.

Taming Tips

  • To keep wild horses from running or getting away, use a lead to keep them nearby.
  • Build a small enclosure to keep horses in place, so they don’t run off.
  • As long as the horse does not despawn, it will retain built-up taming attempts.
  • Use food to increase your chances to tame. Use sugar, wheat, apples (or golden apples), and bread to improve your chances of taming.

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