Minecraft: 1.8 – Overpowered Achievement Guide

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Posted on April 24, 2014, GameFront Staff Minecraft: 1.8 – Overpowered Achievement Guide

The upcoming 1.8 update for Minecraft mostly adds a ton of new world customization features, but it also sneaks in another easy-to-miss achievement. Learn how to unlock the Overpowered achievement with the instructions below.

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Overpowered Achievement Guide

To unlock the Overpowered achievement in Minecraft’s 1.8 update, you’ll need to craft an Enchanted Golden Apple.

How to Construct an Enchanted Golden Apple:

  • Ingredients: 8 Blocks of Gold + 1 Apple
  • Crafting Guide: Red Apple = RA / Block of Gold = BG
  • BG – BG – BG
    BG – RA – BG
    BG – BG – BG

Where to Find an Apple:

Apples are found commonly from three sources:

1. Trading with Villagers
2. Randomly appearing in Chests found in Villages or Strongholds
3. Randomly spawned when harvesting Oak or Dark Oak tree leaves.

If the Bonus Chest option is activated, apples will commonly appear at the spawn area.

How to Craft Gold Blocks:

Gold Blocks do not appear in the world. Instead, they must be crafted from Gold Ingots.

  • Ingredients: 9 Gold Ingots
  • Crafting Guide: Gold Ingot – GI
  • GI – GI – GI
    GI – GI – GI
    GI – GI – GI

Gold Ingots are made from Gold Ore. The rare blocks are only found in the lowest 32 layers of the world.

To create Gold Ingots, one Gold Ore block must by placed in a Furnace for Smelting with any fuel (such as coal or charcoal) to smelt the Ore into an Ingot.

Coal is can be found in Coal Ore blocks. Charcoal is made by placing Wood into a Furnace for Smelting. Coal naturally spawns underground in regular rock veins.

A Wooden Pickaxe is required to harvest Coal. For harvesting Gold Ore, a Steel Pickaxe or better is required.

Required Materials:

To create an Enchanted Gold Apple, you’ll need:

1 Apple 8 Blocks of Gold (72 Golden Ingots Total) 1 Furnace + Fuel (For Smelting Gold Ore into Gold Ingots) 1 Steel Pickaxe (For mining Gold Ore)


1 Apple 648 Gold Nuggets (Random Drops from Zombie Pigmen)

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Overpowered:
    Craft an Enchanted Golden Apple.

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