Minecraft – How to Farm Obsidian

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Posted on December 3, 2011, GameFront Staff Minecraft – How to Farm Obsidian

Creepers just love exploding, it’s what they do in Minecraft, but you can finally stop them by building the ultimate in personal home protection. Stop marauding monsters with the toughest blocks in Minecraft, and endlessly impress your friends with your gleaming black castle of doom.

How To Farm Obsidian – Notes

  1. Obsidian is the most explosive resistant block in Minecraft. If you want a safe home protected by gangs of nasty Creepers, you’re going to need Obsidian.
  2. Obsidian blocks can only be mined where lava meets water, and only rarely occurs naturally in the gameworld. If you do manage to reach The End, you’ll find entire columns of Obsidian, but you’ll need Obsidian to get there. Learn more about the End with our guide to kill the Enderdragon.
  3. While Obsidian ore can be mined with any tools, the best tool to use is the Diamond Pickaxe. Diamond is the rarest mineral in Minecraft, and is highly desirable. To find Diamonds, you’ll need to mine to bedrock or search deep abandoned mineshafts.
  4. Because Obsidian is so rare, the best method for obtaining it is by creating the stuff yourself.
  5. Sometimes, with any of these methods, cobblestone is formed. Cobblestone is formed when flowing lava touches water. Still the lava with a barrier, drop in some water, and you’ll form Obsidian.

How To Farm Obsidian – Farm Method

  1. A basic Obsidian farm is composed of a trough seven blocks long — that’s a box-like groove in the ground where lava can be poured into and flow naturally downward.
  2. Before building your farm, build two buckets and fill one with lave, and another with water. Pour out your lava into the trough to let it flow and collect. Lava will only convert into Obsidian when touching standing (unmoving) water, so always start with the lava.
  3. Last, place a water block on one end of the trough. It will flow down and stop, converting into an Obsidian block. Wait for the Obsidian to completely cool, and you’ll be able to mine it.
  4. Remember, your best bet for mining Obsidian in a reasonable amount of time is a Diamond Pickaxe. Without a Diamond Pickaxe, mining one block of Obsidian can take minutes.

How To Farm Obsidian – Redstone Method

  1. As of the newest releast, it is still possible to infinitely mine Obsidian using Redstone.
  2. Similar to the trough farm, you’ll need a single line of running water with a line of Redstone directly beside the water.
  3. Pouring a block of Lava onto the Redstone will convert the Lava into Obsidian without obstructing the flow of water.
  4. You can also switch the flowing water with flowing lava, pouring water onto the Redstone to create Obsidian.

How To Farm Obsidian – Scaffolding Method

  1. Another simple method to create buildings of Obsidian without needed to mine it with a Diamond Pickaxe is through scaffolding.
  2. Build a shell with any other material for your building, and simple pour a single row of water for each vertical or horizonal level, then fill each with lava, converting both into Obsidian.
  3. Start from the bottom and work up, and be aware of how water flows and how your construction might fail if certain sections of water are blocked by Obsidian.
  4. It is also possible to construct an artificial waterfall and let it flow, swimming into the water yourself and dumping a block of lava into each of the desired sections.

How To Farm Obsidian – Natural Method

  1. If you’re able to discover Obsidian naturally, that means there must be a natural flow of Lave meeting water. Use this to your advantage.
  2. The formed Obsidian will block the flow of lava or water into each other. To get more, simply mine the Obsidian to create a “leak”, letting water reach lava, and forming another block of Obsidian.
  3. Due to the placement of most lava flows in the Overworld, this can be a dangerous method. Bring lots of dirt or any other material blocks you have handy to stand ontop of to avoid taking any deadly lava damage.

How To Farm Obsidian – Natural Pool Method

  1. If you have a source of lava and water, but want to farm Obsidian safely, use this method.
  2. Dig two pools, one block deep each. Separate them by one block. Fill one pool with lava, the other pool with water.
  3. Then, just break the seperating block. If cobblestone forms, just break it and Obsidian will form next.
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