Minecraft meets Pokémon in this spectacular mod

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

There's no question as to the dedication and skill of hardcore Minecraft builders, but this mod genuinely takes it to the next level: a fully functional, playable version of Pokémon, built within Minecraft.

The game is played within a giant re-creation of a Gameboy Advance, and is controlled by using redstone programming blocks, which are used to create a rather creative emulator with which the game played.

While the structure that makes up the screen that displays the pokemon game may not look complex at a glance, the hundreds and hundreds of structure blocks used to make the display comes to life is really a work of art.

The video above really shows off the mod's capabilities and gives an insight into how the mod works. 

There are some downsides; there's no battles system, and the "frame rate" that appears on the GBA's screen is, to say the least, lacking. And realistically, who wants to play Pokémon like that, anyway?

But it does show some of the impressive programming possibilities with programmable redstone blocks, and is most definitely an impressive piece of Minecraft engineering, as well as being super-cool!

You can download the mod from Planet Minecraft here.

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