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Posted on December 8, 2011, GameFront Staff Minecraft – Monster Mobs Guide

For newbies to the Minecraft experience, growing pains are the least of your worries. In the deep darkness underground, and in the far-away dimensions of The Nether and The End, lay various terrible monsters waiting to put your hapless miner down for the big pixelated sleep. To help the newbies, we’ve put together a list of every hostile creature in Minecraft for your learning pleasure.

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Monster Mobs Guide

NOTE: Most hostile mobs spawn at a light level of 7 or less. To fend off mob spawns late at night out in the open, leave torches to light the area.

Monster Spawner

  • Black metal cage blocks that appear in strongholds, dungeons, abandoned mine shafts, and Nether fortresses are called Monster Spawners.
  • Inside the block is a flame that does not give off light, and a miniature version of the monster it is about to spawn. The monster spawner will only spawn six monsters of a single type before the extras begin to disappear.
  • On average, the Monster Spawner will spawn a new mob every 24 or so seconds once activated. Monster Spawners only activate once the player enters its 15 block circumference.
  • To quickly deactivate a Monster Spawner, place a single torch ontop. Monster Spawners can also be destroyed — or they can be used to farm mobs through traps.
  • Monster Spawns will spawn certain types of mobs based on where they spawn and the blocks in their spawning radius.
  • Cave Spiders will only spawn from Monster Spawners in abandoned mine shafts, silverfish only in strongholds, and blazes only in Nether fortresses.

Hostile Mobs (Monsters!)


  • These monsters appear only in stronghold, either from special blocks or through a monster spawner. Silverfish are tiny insect-like creatures that hide inside stone, cobblestone, and stone bricks. They appear once the blocks they hide inside are mined.
  • Once attacked, the Silverfish will awaken other Silverfish in a 21x11x21 block vicinity. Though Silverfish spawn rarely, if enough are nearby an entire swarm can bear down on your miner.
  • Silverfish do not attack, but they do push the player around and destroy blocks as they appear. Left to their own devices, they’ll enter a new stone, cobblestone, or stone brick block and hide.


  • These large black spiders hiss quietly to give their position away while you’re underground. They cannot fit through one block entrances due to their large size, and are easily to spot by their black bodies and red eyes.
  • Spiders are only hostile to players at night or in the dark. In the light of the dar they will not attack the player.
  • Spiders are one of the best sources of string in the Overworld. String is needed for bows and fishing rods. They will also drop Spider Eyes, useful for brewing potions.
  • Due to their large size, and quick attack behaviors, it’s best to deal with spiders at long range with a bow. The easiest method for destroying spiders is to create a barrier between the player and the spider with a one block width entrance. The spider won’t be able to reach the player, but will keep trying to attack, giving the player an easy opportunity to kill the monster with a bow and arrows.

Cave Spider

  • More rare than regular spiders, but even more dangerous. Cave Spiders look exactly like normal spiders, except with a blue-hued body. They are very rare, and do not spawn in the Overworld. They only spawn through Monster Spawners in abandoned mine shafts.
  • Cave spiders are smaller than regular spiders, and can pass through almost any barrier with an opening. The most dangerous feature of the cave spider are its poisonous bites.
  • Once poisoned, the player will lose half a hearth every second or so for five seconds. Luckily, poison can never kill the player. Milk, taken from cows, can heal you of the poisoned state.
  • Armor does not protect against cave spider bites.

Spider Jockey

  • A very rare spawn, the Spider Jockey is a combination of the spider and the skeleton. The monster appears as a spider being ridden by a skeleton and possessing all of their combined abilities.
  • The Spider Jockey shoots arrows like a skeleton, while possessing the speed and wall-climbing of a spider. They are treated as separate mobs, if one is killed, the other will continue to attack the player.
  • If a Spider Jockey is lead outside into the sun, the Skeleton will burn in the sun, but the spider will still be active.
  • When facing a Spider Jockey, without armor and a supply of weapons, it’s best to retreat. They are considered the most difficult mob, aside from the Enderdragon, to kill.
  • Spider-proof areas are also Spider Jockey-proof areas, but with the added danger that Spider Jockey skeletons will shoot back at the player. Therefore it is advised to try and destroy the skeleton first.


  • Another relatively rare mob, the Slime is a green semi-clear cube. They only spawn below the 40th layer over the Overworld, deep underground. They often appear in abandoned mine shafts.
  • The slimes spawn in various sizes, from tiny to huge. When slimes are killed, they will spawn into two of the next size down. Tiny slimes do not cause direct damage to the player, but will continue to push the player around.
  • Slimes move by bouncing, and will always seek out any player within 16 blocks whether they can be seen or not.
  • Slimes drop a rare item called slimeballs which are the central ingredient for crafting items like sticky pistons and magma cream.


  • The zombie is a standard monster mob that spawns in dim lights and attacks the player. In daylight, the zombie will catch fire like the skeleton.
  • Zombies can be heard by their distinctive moans. Zombies are fairly mindless and will rush towards the player, growling and bumping into any cliffs too tall for them to climb.
  • Zombies are one of the easiest mobs, and can be dealt with using any tools you have available, including your fists.
  • If faced with a large group, stand on a tall cliff and attack down to easily destroy a zombie.
  • Zombies only drop rotten flesh when killed.


  • Much faster than the zombie, skeletons are quick enemies armed with bows. Skeletons spawn in dark places, just like zombies, and will burn when out in the daylight sun.
  • Skeletons make their presence known by their rattling bones. Skeletons, in combat, will strafe and hope around, making them a difficult target for your arrows. Skeletons are also quick, and will try to run if you close in with a sword.
  • Because of Skeleton’s jumpy behavior, they’ll often get themselves trapped in caves or alcoves, making them an easy target for your sword.
  • Skeletons are the sole source of bones and bonemeals, and they will also drop arrows randomly when defeated.
  • Use a Skeleton’s arrow to defeat a Creeper, and the Creeper will randomly drop a Music Disc item. Find more details below, if you really want a Music Disc.


  • A suicidal kamikaze bombers, these strange green ghouls walk on four smaller blocks and remain completely silent until near the player.
  • When about to explode, the Creeper will hiss for about a second and a half. Creepers can spawn anywhere with a light level of 7 or below, and are not harmed by the sunlight.
  • Creepers are infamous for their ability to destroy player-made structures. To protect your structure from Creepers, consider building with Obsidian.
  • Creepers are one of the best sources for gunpowder, used in the construction of TNT. Creepers are also the only monsters to drop Music Discs. A Creeper will only drop a Music Disc when killed with a Skeleton’s arrow — it only needs to be the killing blow.
  • Strike a Creeper three times with an Iron Sword, then place yourself between the Skeleton and a Creeper. That way, the Creeper will die in one hit. But, if the Creeper is not killed, it will attempt to destroy the Skeleton. If the Creeper explodes, you won’t get a Music Disc.
  • Music Discs can be used with the Juke Box — built with eight wood planks and a diamond at the center.
  • The Creeper has a blast radius of between 3-4 blocks. If the player manages to escape it’s explosivve charge, it will reset and try again.
  • If lightning strikes near a Creeper, it will become a Charged Creeper. They look exactly like regular Creepers, except with a blue electric auro. They do not spawn naturally, and therefore only appear on the surface of the Overworld.
  • If you spot a Charged Creeper, be very careful. An explosion from a Charged Creeper will kill the player instantly on any difficult above Easy. Other than having a far more powerful explosion, the Charged Creeper is exactly the same as a regular Creeper.
  • Arrows are your best bet against Creepers. Arrows and high ground will keep you safe from a Creeper’s explosion.


  • These bulbous floating ghost-like apparitions only appear in The Nether. They float in the air, shooting fireballs from their mouths at range. They can spawn anywhere in The Nether large enough to contain them.
  • Unlike most mobs, Ghasts do not try to close in on the player and will instead stay at range while shooting fireballs. They also have a massive search range, able to spot and shoot at players from 100 blocks. If a player gets close to the Ghast, they will fly upwards and attempt to retreat to a safe distance.
  • Due to the dangers of the Nether, collecting the Ghast Tears dropping from defeated Ghasts is not easy. With so much Lava, and with Ghasts being at such long range, remember to plan carefully before killing a Ghast if you want their dropped item.
  • Ghasts are a common enemy in The Nether. They fly, attack from long range, and appear everywhere, making The Nether’s surface area a very dangerous prospect. It’s advised for players entering the Nether without glass blocks to stay underground.
  • Ghasts fireballs will destroy Nether blocks when hit, making even your structures difficult to survive in. Even obsidian is difficult to find in the water-deprived Nether. Ghast fireballs can be deflected with any attack, even with your fists.
  • The bow and arrow is your best weapon against Ghasts, or just avoiding them all together.
  • Sadly, Ghasts are immune to fire damage in the deadly lava-filled world of The Nether.


  • Another creature that appears in The Nether, these masses of fire and smoke rapidly throw three-shot bursts of fireballs with a cool down between each attack.
  • Blazes will only spawn in Nether Fortresses, and immediately charge toward any player they spot.
  • The Blaze’s attack ranger is much shorter than a Ghast’s, making it possible to shoot them with bow and arrow at long range. Both the Ghasts and Blazes fly, leaving your sword mostly useless in any encounter.
  • One method to fight them at close range is to reel them in with your fishing rod. This will have the added bonus of keeping the Blaze near you, making sure their dropped items aren’t lost to the lava.
  • Potions of fire resistance are very helpful while fighting Blazes, or just to survive in The Nether.
  • Water of snowballs will damage a Blaze. Because of this weakness, Snow Golems (built with two snow blocks and topped with a pumpkin) are very helpful while fighting Blazes.
  • Blazes drop Blaze Rods, a central ingredient to created an Eye of Ender.

Neutral Mobs

These creatures only attack when provoked, with each mob possessing a unique provocation.


  • This neutral mob appears in the Overworld, and will usually only attack the player if the player attacks the wolf first. Wolves will spawn at anytime of the day in a Taiga or Forest Pine biome.
  • Wolves will ally themselves with the player when fed bones. Only wild wolves can be tamed, spawning together in packs of eight or less. They will not attack the player when approached.
  • Hostile wolves appear similar to wild wolves, except they will attack other animals and the player in packs. A hostile wolf growls, with red eyes and a higher contrast of dark and light fur.
  • Wolves can be tamed by leaving behind meat or bones. You’ll know a wolf is interested when you approach, they will look at the player and tilt their heads. Right click with a bone equipped to feed a wolf until hearts appear over its head.
  • Once tamed, a wolf will follow the player around and attack any monsters that try to hurt the player.

Zombie Pigman

  • These strange monster pigmen only spawn naturally in The Nether. In the Overworld, they will only appear when a pig is struck by lightning.
  • Zombie pigmen are not hostile until attacked by the player. If the player attacks one, all nearby zombie pigmen will become hostile.
  • In the Nether, zombie pigmen appear in large packs of up to ten. In the Overworld, they are extremely rare.
  • When defeated, these creatures drop rotten flesh or a gold nugget.
  • To defeat a group of pigmen, target the stragglers or separate them with blocks. A full pack spells certain death, but pigmen will only become hostile if they see you damage another pigmen. Create a partition to safely executre neutral pigmen one at a time.


  • These ethereal, three-block high creatures with long legs and black skin are one of the strangest things in the Overworld. They are a rare mob that appears at night in groups of five.
  • The Endermen, left to their own devices, will teleport and move blocks around at random.
  • Endermen are neutral, until the players places his cross-hairs over them. They are not damaged by sunlight, but they will be hurt by water and rain.
  • In The End, Endermen are a common spawn. To reach The End, you’ll need to use Ender Pearl dropped from defeated Endermen.
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