Minecraft The Wild update is releasing next year and more

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Minecraft's next major update was announced yesterday and will be known as The Wild, featuring the much anticipated Deep Dark biome along with a host of other new updates.

The news was announced as part of Minecraft Live 2021, where Mojang confirmed that the new update will also include Wardens, a new enemy, along with the Deep Dark biome that features muddy terrain, mangrove swamps, and interesting new animal life such as frogs and tadpoles.

The release will be coming next year, but was originally expected to drop with the second Caves & Cliffs update earlier this year. According to Mojang, The Wild Update is coming in 2022, making the swamps swampier, the dark darker, and the outdoors greater than ever."

Perhaps even better news is that Minecraft is going to Xbox Game Pass for PC next month, with both the Java and Bedrock versions available to play for free if you have an active subscription. While the game has been on Xbox Games Pass on consoles for a while, this is a pretty big step for PC players and specifically the Java version, which will now open up to a much wider audience.


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