Minecraft: Windows 10 and Pocket Edition to get limited mods

By FileTrekker 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

Microsoft announced today at MineCon, the yearly official Minecraft convention, that both the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 edition (both of which share most of the same code) will be getting limited mod support in the form of "add-ons".

While Microsoft isn't labelling the feature as mods, due to their limited nature, the new add-ons will allow users to tweak the game by editing text files, which will change the behaviour of characters and elements within the games. We saw a limited demonstration of this earlier in the year, when Microsoft showed off a simple script that allowed creepers to run around the map at a massively increased speed, causing all kinds of carnage and mayhem.

[quote]By editing simple text files, anyone can tweak Minecraft itself to add enormous explosions to tiny chickens or make villagers run at lightning speed to chase away any new monster mob you choose to create.[/quote]

Users will be able to share these files with other players to import into their games, or they can be uploaded to a realm. Two new add-ons will be included in the update, one named Castle Siege, and the other named Alien Invasion. The latter introduces new alien enemies to the game, while Castle Siege promises to provide a unique AI experience within a dungeon style castle.

While this is by no means as powerful as the mods available for the traditional Java version - this is actually more of a learning tool than a serious modding platform. Microsoft have stated that they intend to use the new add-ons feature in these version of the game to teach basic programming skills to young children - an idea I can certainly get behind.

If you're interested and play either of these editions of Minecraft, the update will land on October 18th.


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