Minecraft Xbox 360 Controls Are Surprisingly Not Terrible

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Published by GameFront.com 10 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Posted on November 19, 2011, David Moss Minecraft Xbox 360 Controls Are Surprisingly Not Terrible

There was a playable demo of the Xbox 360 Version of Minecraft at Minecon, and I decided to have a peak. My instincts told me not to. Long ago, I once attempted to play Warcraft 2 on a Playstation. After that debacle I have been wary of games that were designed specifically for PC and ported to a console.

However, I found the Xbox 360 controls to be surprisingly easy to use. Right trigger bashes things and left trigger places blocks. For crafting, there is a menu with every item in the game. To make a sword, the player simply opens the crafting menu, finds the appropriate sword and presses A. Assuming that the necessary materials are in the player’s inventory, the sword will be crafted. Switching items while in-game is done by pressing the right and left bumpers.

All in all, it’s not half bad. My one suggestion would be to allow players to assign certain items to directions on the dpad. That would allow for quick selection and let the player get their sword out in a hurry. The demo I played was a very early build of the game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature in the finished game. The full control layout is pictured below.

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