Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – On A Rail Achievement Guide

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Posted on May 10, 2012, GameFront Staff Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – On A Rail Achievement Guide

You can’t call yourself a true miner without a mine cart to ride. Minecraft, being the world’s foremost mining simulator, allows you to build amazing stretches of rail tracks to travel up and down the massive caves you’ll explore in your randomly generated journeys. One of the most time consuming and difficult achievements to unlock in Minecraft for Xbox 360 involves building a mine cart track at least 500 meters long. It’s no easy task, but we’re here to help make you into a rail working machine.

Below you’ll find our tips to success, but for even more Minecraft goodness, check out the Minecraft Game Guide, or our cheats page where you’ll find even more extra content.

On A Rail Achievement Guide

On A Rail (40 points): Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

1. To make this achievement easier, set the game to “Peaceful” to avoid monster attacks. 2. In total, you’ll need to use these materials to constructs: 18 Powered Rails, 496 regular Rails, 1 Minecart, and 18 Redstone Torches. 3. The toughest supplies you’ll have to find is the Redstone ore. This ore is generated randomly near the ground floor bedrock. They’ll appear anywhere 14 meters from the bedrock, so get digging and start looking. You’ll need at least an Iron Pickaxe to make the work manageable. 4. First, you’re going to need to scrounge for all the wood you can, just cut down some trees or attack bushes and leaf growth to collect sticks. Combine the sticks with the redstone dust to construct the 18 torches, then save the rest of your wood for rails. 5. Next, you’ll need lots of Iron Ingots for your rails. To make Iron Ingots, you’ll need to find lots of Iron, and create a furnace. Iron ore itself naturally occurs below sea level, and is very common. To make a furnace, use 9 chunks of cobblestone which is found anywhere and everywhere. 6. With your furnace ready, you can begin smelting iron ore into iron ingots. Don’t forget to bring plenty of fuel for your furnace — wood and charcoal will work. Coal occurs naturally just about everywhere, and is the most efficient fuel for your furnace. 7. Now with your iron smelting, you can begin construction and clearing. Each block counts as a single meter, so you’ll need to clear away 500 blocks and make a straight line forward. It doesn’t matter if the line shifts up or down, as long as it doesn’t veer left or right. 8. While you’re working, look out for gold ore. This uncommon item can only be found deep underground at the bottom 32 meters of the map. Keep your eye out for the glint of gold, and take the ore to your furnace to smelt into ingots. 9. With all your supplies, start building the mine cart rails and placing them in a straight line. For every 31 regular rails, don’t forget to place a Powered Rail made with Redstone dust and gold ingots. 10. Smash your way through the terrain and flatten everything in your path. You’ll also need a mine cart, made with six iron ingots. 11. Place the mine cart at the beginning on a powered rail, with Redstone torches near the other powered rails to activate them, and your mine cart will travel the distance. 12. Of course, if you don’t want to worry about Redstone torches, you can just build a very long downward track — just remember to start high!
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