Minecraft: Xbox 360 – When Pigs Fly Achievement Guide

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Posted on May 8, 2012, GameFront Staff Minecraft: Xbox 360 – When Pigs Fly Achievement Guide

The random animals in Minecraft just want to be your friend, but an amiable relationship is impossible when there are achievements to unlock. First, there was “Cow Tipper” where you get an achievement for punching a cow, now there’s “When Pigs Fly.” While not the most difficult achievement, it is mostly based on luck and repetition. Still, there are secret Minecraft methods to make this achievement unlock for you. The full explanation is just a scroll away.

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When Pigs Fly Achievement Guide

When Pigs Fly1 (40 points): Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

  • First, set the difficulty to “Peaceful” to avoid deadly monsters inadvertently killing your pig.
  • To complete this achievement you’ll need: 1 Pig, 1 Saddle, and 1 Deadly Drop.
  • The first two items aren’t easy to find, but the third only takes a minute to make yourself. For now, find a pig and bring some wood with you.
  • Pigs can be found anywhere in the Overworld. Just find one and wall off the area with a wooden fence. Really, any material will do. Just box the pig into place so it can’t escape.
  • Harder to find than pigs is a saddle. Saddles are rare items that can only be found in treasure chests inside Dungeons. Dungeons are easy to spot, as they’re darkly lit man-made areas, often with monster spawners for spiders and other evil monsters. If you see Moss Stone and Cobblestone halls forming rooms, you know you’ve found a dungeon.
  • Keep exploring until you’ve got a saddle and a stowed sow. Now return to your pig in the fence.
  • Place the saddle, then prepare to drop. Either find a Pig up high near a cliff, or get a friend to help you on the ground. Fence the pig into a 1×1 block, then build a long vertical drop down directly beneath the block holding your pig in place. When you’re riding the pig, have your friend break the single block between you and a long drop.
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