Minimalist City Building Game To Be Released April - Islanders

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

A game called Islanders is due for release on Steam from the 4th April made by developer Grizzly Games. It is stated to be a "minimalist" yet intuitive city building game. 

The basic concept of the game revolve around the points you get for placing buildings, you start off with a set of buildings within your inventory and continue to place them to expand your island to new territories of it as the reveal trailer shows, you can keep on expanding your city until you have to travel and take over the next island. You can unlock new buildings once you get enough points to refill your inventory, the game ends when you run out of points.

We'll look to bring you a review of this but it seems like a very promising game that can keep you occupied for countless hours.

Watch the reveal trailer below:

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