MMGE 3 makes GTA: San Andreas look jaw-dropping...

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

This amazing graphics mod from author Marty McFly takes the greatest PS2-era Grand Theft Auto game, and gives it a modern-day graphical overhaul - but how well does it run?

It's been 12 years since I wrote my first game review for FileFront - and the game in question was, of course, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I severely overused the word 'immortal' a lot in that review, and yet here I am, still talking about it - and thanks to MMGE3, it looks like it released just yesterday.

The graphical enhancements this mod brings are simply beautiful, graphically speaking - stunning new water shaders make oceans and water look better than even some modern AAA titles. Volumetric clouds make the sky look wonderful and dynamic. Volumetric fog adds a real sense of depth and atmosphere to the game that just wasn't there before. Godrays are always nice, of course, and enhanced texture mapping, some absolutely jaw-dropping rain and reflection effects, and totally overhauled shaders, really transform the game into something that looks closer to GTA V than it does GTA III.

There's a cost, though. These graphical effects were just never intended for this game engine - and unfortunately it shows in the performance. Even high-end graphics cards like the GTX 1080 will struggle to maintain a solid 60FPS, and if you're running a mid-tier graphics card such as the GTX 960, which I used to test the mod out on, then you're probably not going to find this very playable.

Regardless of the performance issues, the technical achievement is non-the-less impressive. If you do have a very high-end graphics card, you could do worse than install this mod for your next nostalgic play-through, but regardless, the mod still offers great possibilities for the screenshot aficionado.

If you're interested in picking the mod up, head on over to the download page here.

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