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Published by FileTrekker 8 months ago , last updated 8 months ago

DBolical, parent company of ModDB and GameFront, has announced the launch of, the first cross-platform modding API that gives game developers a new tool to support modding in-game.

The new API is designed to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, enabling content creators to make and share engaging new content for developers games.

For too long there has been a lack of tools that help developers support creators in an agnostic manner, restricting modding to a small percentage of tech-savvy users. removes that barrier, enabling creation, curation and sharing, providing a way for developers to interact directly with their community," said CEO and co-creator Scott Reismanis. Scott Reismanis

Game titles already confirmed by the team to be supporting the new modding API include 0 A.D, ECO and Sinespace. The new API allows these games to have full modding support within the game, cross-platform support, and easy to use developer APIs.

User-generated content is key to the longevity and creativity within games. Half-Life, ARMA, and Warcraft are proof that a single mod can spawn entire new genres and experiences. We believe mods are the solution to win back consumer trust, and deliver deeply personalised, amazing new gameplay experiences. Scott Reismanis

In the current climate, consumers are pushing back on loot crates, governments are scrutinizing their use, while demand for content is ever growing. focuses on cultivating new approaches to driving development and community goodwill.

Developers and gamers can find out more at A whitelabel solution for large studios that require an in-house product is available to discuss on request.

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