Mod Spotlight: Enderal Mod for Skyrim

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Enderal is not your average Skyrim mod: it's an attempt to totally convert the game into an entirely new experience, based on the Skyrim engine - and the good news that you won't have to wait long, it's coming out next month.

Why are we highlighting it now? The developers, SureAI, a rather respectable modding team of 14, have released a trailer hyping the mod. This sort of Total Conversion mod is, in my opinion, the of the kind that sets the standards for modding, and this mod will definitely be a must-play for any Elder Scrolls fans.

The game is set in an entirely new set of environments, fully voiced characters, a totally new narrative, and a revamped levelling structure.

The trailer, and the initial release, will be in German, but worry not; an English release will be coming a few weeks after the German version.

You can keep track of latest developments over at the official Enderal website.

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