ModDB's Modularity publishes it's first game, Meeple Station

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

The folks behind ModDB (and owners of this site) have already been working hard to revolutionize modding with their Mod.io platform, but now the folks at DBolical have successfully launched into the publishing business, with a heavy focus on modding, under their new brand, Modularity.

Their first game, Meeple Station, is a highly moddable space station building simulator which, after already seeing great success as a top-selling beta on itch.io - has launched on Steam Early Access today for PC, Mac and Linux. Inspired by deep and creative simulations like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress, Meeple Station lets you build and manage a habitat for your meeples, all while surviving the dangers of deep space like meteors, pirates, and deadly alien encounters.

Players can expect to take the reins of a small but humble space station, and build it into something epic as they explore distant galaxies, mine precious minerals, take on daring missions and trade with other space inhabitants. Live a never ending adventure whilst trying to make the best of your ramshackle station, and remember your busy meeple are anything but intelligent, so good luck trying to keep them alive!

The game is developed by Indie developers Vox Games, who also worked on Regions of Ruin. It's a perfect fit for Modularity and Mod.io,  due to its focus on moddability and inspiration from similar games that have established incredible communities of creators. Needing a cross-platform in-game modding solution, the team turned to mod.io (also built by ModDB and IndieDB), an open mod API for game developers (much like Steam Workshop) that allows user-friendly browsing, uploading, and installation of mods.

Meeple Station is available now from Steam, but stay tuned to GameFront as we'll be holding a giveaway of the game soon!


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