Modder behind SKSE had early access to Skyrim Anniversary Edition

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

The predicted 'modpocalypse' that was expected to befall the Skyrim community upon the release of the new Anniversary Edition has been largely averted, thanks to Bethesda giving early access to the game to the modders behind Skyrim Script Extender, a key utility that enables many other mods to work within the game.

As a result, the outlook for mods on the new version is "better than expected," with many mods likely to be able to work. Just a month ago, the SKSE team had warned that the Anniversary Edition would be "much more disruptive to the modding scene than is commonly believed," and that the lack of compatibility not just with SKSE, but other types of mods, could break mod collections either directly or indirectly.

Many key mods such as SkyUI require SKSE to run, and would have been broken by the update. The team have instead been able to work on an update to SKSE thanks to the early access provided, and that the team have been working throughout all of their free time for over a week and a half preparing for the update.

It won't be smooth sailing right away though, with the team warning that because of "the large amount of manual code rewrite required for this release, the possibility for bugs is higher than usual," although things do seem to be working better than they had hoped. There'll be more improvements coming though, with this initial release of SKSE a stopgap to keep mods working.

"If you have an existing mod setup on pre-AE that you would like to keep working, this is not a sign that you should upgrade and start using this version of SKSE. However, if you have already upgraded to AE and are feeling adventurous, then try this out."

 You can grab the new build for Anniversary Edition now from the SKSE website.

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