Modding Tools 2.0 have arrvied for Squad

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's a new and improved set of modding tools available now for Squad, the online multiplayer first-person shooter that's centred on team gameplay. There's a new free expansion for the game too, that adds the Canadian Armed Forces to the game.

The new modding tools make it much easier to create some pretty epic mods. One example is Space Crew, and it's a sci-fi overhaul of the game which sees you and your crew solve puzzles and avoid an alien entity known as the Raptor. It's really impressive for a Total Conversion mod, and you can get it now from the game's Steam Workshop page.

Regarding the new Canadian Armed Forces DLC, it's interesting to note that it also started out life as a mod, which has now been added to the base game. The game's developers plan to do more of this, too, going forward, so expect to see some of the mods created with the new tools make it to the base game.

The new Canadian Armed Forced add-on brings with it all-new weapons and vehicles, along with two new maps, one set in Quebec, and the other in Nanisvik. 


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